F-F-Forever (Alpha)

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Full Title: Flying Fearlessly Forever (Alpha Version)
Almost completely procedural animation. I need moar warp zones! If you have an idea, contribute.

EDIT 1: Fixed visual glitches, improved performance.
EDIT 2: Added Reset button at end.
EDIT 3: Optimized to reduce filesize while improving performance.
EDIT 4: Should run faster on all computers.


Flying Fearlessly Forever...

What gets me is the music. The loop is just... awesome. It's quite basic underneath, but there's enough layered variation in it that you can just listen to it... forever. I looked briefly at your userpage; it seems you produce a fair bit of audio? I might have to look at getting your album.

The animations are really neat and reminiscent of the demoscene, especially with the procedural generation. Some of them however are quite intensive on processing power and tend to render a bit slowly. I'd love to play this fullscreen, but just don't have the CPU/GPU power.

I found this flash originally on another website - the link is http://thebest404pageever.com/swf/fff ffforever.swf. Since your flash is "approved for NG only", you may want to look into that.

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digitaldamage responds:

Hey, thanks man! Yeah, demoscene community is the main inspiration. Also, thanks for warning me about that unauthorized copy.


Is this Pjano by Eric Prydz? or is it a remix?
I scouted all over newgrounds to find this flash because I saw it on another website ._.

digitaldamage responds:

You saw it on /f/, didn't you. Anyway, it's the original. I made a looping version for the flash.


Nice effect, I would not do them better.

Would be awesome for a SHMUP

These effects would be great for a space-shooter.

Great job. You should make a game.

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digitaldamage responds:

I actually have a shmup in the making, but still probably a long way off.


Congratulations for killing all those poor epileptic people, I suppose...

digitaldamage responds:

Someone had to do it.

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Jul 31, 2010
7:59 PM EDT
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