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During WW3, the battle for New York was a small one compared to the whole scheme of the 10 year war. But none-the less, it mattered.

After the nuclear explosion that destroyed half the city, a rescue op was held to get any survivors out of the city, but only after a few days, Russia invaded the West coast, and then followed by Europe of the east coast. When the European army landed, it took the city by suprise, killing and trapping anyone still alive inside.
After a year of guerilla warfare (which helped to slow european weapons transport to the front), the European Federation (aka EU) finally enclosed the resistance to their last stronghold. The resistance finally decided to make one last push, knowing that it was a suicide mission anyway. It took the European platoon currently stationed in the area by suprise, and it looked as if the Resistance would ein.
That was, until EU reinforcements arrived. The EU finally pushed the resistance back and brutally slaughtered anyone left and executing the prisoners.
The city would be lost and it would be another year and a half for the US army to reclaim it.

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good animated but i didnt understand the stroy

can u tell me the story?

Goeliath responds:

there will be a flash that explains things later, and i have another one that was the trailer, it has a description of the events leading to the war.


Animation: needs some work on the graphics but overall, its ok

Concept: World War 3? It might happen, but all the stuff I know about the current situation in the world, its going to be different regions than just russia, europe (but america will surely be in it, its my opinion no need to say anything bad about it) and if there is really going to be a World Wr 3, its probably going to be about resources, and the face of war might change.

Its either a battle with guns and machines or even worse... nuclear or chemical warfare

But hey, I'm just saying my opinion, it doesn't mean that it "will" happen, but I sorta think it'll start around 2020-2050

And if they do attack cities, there won't be guerrilla warfare, but if its attacked by surprise(or during an evacuation), theres surely going to be a big(or small depending on the population) resistance

End of review


its okay

but i think World War III would be more like atom bombs and stuff...

Goeliath responds:

it was, theres a story line in another animation i made, the russian one might explain things. but anyway the beginning there were bombs that went off at many major world cities.


Graphics could be better but a war theme is always great it's scary to think this could happen but with the way democracy is I don't really doubt it.