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Attack of the Summer Art

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Author Comments

Welcome to DirtyC101's Attack of the Summer Art Project. For those of you keeping track, this is my second game. On my first game (K. Fox & the Magic Sword) all the art was already drawn by Playshapes, so all I had to do was learn to code. This time around, I had to teach myself how to draw. So, this took me a while longer. What can I say, drawing is hard. I'll never laugh again at an artist who says they 'need' one of those fancy drawing tablets instead of a mouse. lol. On that note, if you're an aspiring artist who wants to make Flash games, shoot me a PM here on Newgrounds. Just make sure your art is better than mine. ;P

There's tons I want to say about this game, but I don't want to write the great wall of text either. So in bullet time, here I go:

- Fury & Ryona fans, there's not much in this game for you. But don't despair, my next project should be K. Fox II.

- There's a LARGE jump in difficulty with every new group of tracks. Expect to repeat old tracks for cash to buy all the mods you need to advance.

- To get the better cars (& sex), you have to bet your car.

- There are two different auto-plays for the sex scenes. See if you can find them both.

- Post COMMENTS!!! Although I rarely reply, I do read them all. I love seeing what y'all think of my games, even the bad stuff. So please, write something below.

Update #1: When I released this, I announced it on my previous game. I also posted all the cheat codes there. Today, I'm releasing my next game. (Go check it out!). And, keeping with my tradition, here's all the cheat codes for this game. :)


ezmoney: +$5000
bitchincamaro: Unlock Unlock region 2 & the Navaho Screaming Chicken (Only Stage 1 car)
sweethomealabama: Unlock region 3 & all stage 2 cars
alabamagetaway: Unlock region 4 & all stage 3 cars
nosleeptilbrooklyn: Unlock region 5 & all stage 4 cars
livingonaprayer: Unlock region 6 & all stage 5 cars
icantdrive55: Unlock region 7 & all stage 6 cars
californiauberalles: Unlock region 8 & all stage 7 cars

Update #2: I forgot to mention how to unlock the 2 auto-play modes.
Gold Auto Play: Give the girl back her car, then bring her to orgasm in each of the 4 positions
Platinum Auto Play: Beat every track (must be in adult mode) & then end the game. Select platinum mode at the ending screen.

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Will you make a gallery version of this game where it shows all the cars,sex scenes and the girls? It’ll make it easier to see the action.

overall pretty good

i liked the game, and the racing was easy after you practice a bit, but the 9 is simply because its not the best drawn sex scenes out there, but there are pretty good as is, i just wish i could find the auto sex scenes, despite many hours i couldnt even find a clue


I found that I liked the game. It's simplistic, but fun enough. I do have a few gripes, though.

First of all, breaking is difficult and essential. When I'm able to pull it off, races are much easier. When I can't pull it off, I lose -- Usually. Breaking with the down arrow key is hard for me. I'd recommend adding more keys available to use. Maybe the space bar as well as the down arrow key for breaking?

The sex could also use some work. It's a pain in the ass(No pun intended) to get anything more than a BJ. It would be nice if you added some sort of chain bonus that doubles(And then maybe triples) her pleasure each time you get in a "Perfect" rhythm. By "Perfect," I mean each time you hit the arrow key so that the meter flashes. This would make it easier and faster, but it would still remain a challenge, as you have to be good enough to get into that perfect rhythm.

Nice attempt.

It was an ok game. The graphis could use help, but the racing was fun.


Not bad for a generic racing game. A variety of cars with different upgrades...no to much to complain about. Though on this, I'll count the sex mini games as what they are, mini games that wont impact your score here.

There was some difficult parts, and having to need to re-race previous tracks to get more money seemed a bit tedious. While the idea is good, it was hard to get so a lot of money...then again, perhaps I should have tried the "Teen" rating version and gotten more money from sold cars? Lol.

Either way, that option solves THAT problem...

For a racing game, there isn't a lot to do but race...and that is exactly what this delivers. But sadly, It's been done before. There is just only so much you can do. SO! What can we do to make it more interesting besides the challenges it already offers? The vehicle changes are nice when you upgrade them I have noticed, that's nice. How about tire streaks on the road when making sharp turns? Hmm...you know, not many suggestions really comes to mind, actually.

Overall, it was an okay game.
(watched through the credits btw)