Spectrum TD

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Edit : Daily first :D THANKS!!!! you guys are awesome... thanks A LOT for the votes , really appreciate it
Edit2 : FRONT PAGE??? OMFGWTFBBQ JIZZ!!!!, TOM , Have my babies!!!

UPDATE! (Clear browser cache and refresh) (note: we updated what users suggested in reviews , so yeah , we actually care) :P
- NaN Bog tower money problem fixed
- Added extra awesomeness
- Upcoming waves stats bug fixed
- Made first ground boss weaker

Survive waves of enemy bugs by building and upgrading towers

50 Waves
12+ Enemy Types
13 Towers
3 Maps
3 Dificulty Levels
And a unique color upgrading system

Use mouse to build towers
Hotkeys for towers:
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
U - Upgrade
S - Sell

You think you are good at Tower Defenses? We beg to differ >:)

Trailer (just in case you are lazy to play) >> http://www.youtube.com/us er/xelubest#p/u/5/90YH7wI CSZk



Simple, and fun.

Yes, it gets a little laggy towards the end, but pretty much all good tower defense games are like that by the time you're dealing with the last few waves. Upgrade system was interesting, although it's a little disappointing that you unlock everything by the end. It would've been nice if I'd been forced to choose only one or two of the three most powerful towers.

Anyway it's a fun game, and it kept me entertained for a while. Better than most tower defense games, but not the best.

The bloons tower defense games still hold that title, in my opinion.

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Well made, mediocre implementation

The idea behind it was a good though; the upgrade system is very unique. Everything else, however, was sub-par. The firing animations are too complex and not vivid enough, I almost didn't notice them at first. The boss enemies are completely ridiculous, I can't even imagine trying to beat this game fairly (which I'll get to.) The game also was a MASSIVE resource hog, I could barely run it with 1GB of RAM and a 2.1 Dual Core by the end of the game. The concept is not dead by any means, however. With some work, this could be an excellent game, provided more towers are added, the game is streamlined, and changes are made to spice up the rather generic maps and enemies. As for the cheating aspect; I started a second game and my gold count was "Nan," which turned out to be infinite. Even with this glitch, I figure I spent over 20,000 Gold getting enough towers to stay competitive, which seems almost impossible.

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Not bad, needs a little work though

The only major flaw I saw was that the towers all fired so slow. I couldn't stop the first boss which was annoying, thankfully I managed to make it to the end. A good game, though I'd up the attack speed of the towers a little.

this is a great game

but it could be even better.i dont usually act like a critic but i love this idea.maybe if you could have the whole colour spectrum and have different areas do different things and combined elements share effects or make new effects.i know its a complicated thing but just imagine the potential of spectrum td. :))))

ps. i understand if you dont do it its a monumental task.

3D-xelu responds:

it's a nice idea.. and i'll probably add it in my next td game.. it's not like i'm going to re-think this one :P it's already done... no big changes :P

next one ^__^


The major flaw with this game is the tower reloading - looks to me like they pause when there aren't any enemies in range. There are also annoying "first time playing?" prompts, over-powerful bosses, unbalanced extra-life prices, laggy end-game and not enough tracks.

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3D-xelu responds:

=(((( cookie? :(

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4.02 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2010
2:49 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense