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Spectrum TD

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Edit : Daily first :D THANKS!!!! you guys are awesome... thanks A LOT for the votes , really appreciate it
Edit2 : FRONT PAGE??? OMFGWTFBBQ JIZZ!!!!, TOM , Have my babies!!!

UPDATE! (Clear browser cache and refresh) (note: we updated what users suggested in reviews , so yeah , we actually care) :P
- NaN Bog tower money problem fixed
- Added extra awesomeness
- Upcoming waves stats bug fixed
- Made first ground boss weaker

Survive waves of enemy bugs by building and upgrading towers

50 Waves
12+ Enemy Types
13 Towers
3 Maps
3 Dificulty Levels
And a unique color upgrading system

Use mouse to build towers
Hotkeys for towers:
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
U - Upgrade
S - Sell

You think you are good at Tower Defenses? We beg to differ >:)

Trailer (just in case you are lazy to play) >> http://www.youtube.com/us er/xelubest#p/u/5/90YH7wI CSZk




It's a very fun game, but while trying to get the "pyromanic" achivement i could survive untill the end of the 11th level but i can't get it, and this is trying on each stage.

I don't know if its a glitch of if i just suck eather way it's not working, at least not for me.

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Great, a bit tedious toward the end

Very good game. It took a few deaths to realize a strategy that will get me thru the first couple rounds, but when I did I went all the way to 50. I will say though addicting it got really boring toward the 30s+ because you really have a good defense by then and are just fine tuning, so not much to do. And idk if it was my connection but when a lot of stuff is on the field the game laaaaaaaaaaaaaged to the point it takes like 5 minutes to finish a wave!

But fun, addicting, and thorough nonetheless!

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nice game :)

nice game ...
if u want the torrets attacks more faster, just get out of the screen of the game, and hear how the torrets attacks faster :) easy bug

Decent Game

This game reminds me of South Park snowballing game on Xbox arcade game. Brilliant! I luved it

too slow

there needs to be a toggle for increasing the speed of the monsters. and the towers are too slow; too many times the towers would track a monster and not fire.

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4.02 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2010
2:49 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense