The review of truth

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Once upon a time there was a flash submitted called Street Fighter Chode. It was a scathing and rather hilarious parody of a certain someone's work. It also generated some drama that I'm sure a lot of you are aware of. Or maybe you aren't, I don't know and I don't give two shits either way. Anyway, this is a portrayal of events that may or may not have transpired in the days following Chode's release.

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I liked it!

I dont know rita chan, but after street fighter chode im pretty sure I dont want to know her/him, lol

Doc-Brown responds:

Her. :P

And it's not like she really bothers with this place any more so I think you're safe.


I had guessed Street Fighter Chode was meant to insult Rina Chan, however funny it may have been, and i had heard something about a scathing review from Rina Chan but the fact that she made a second throwaway account to do it is pretty sad. i always have liked her lackluster work, but it saddens me she really got that mad over someones parody of her work. good video though :D t explained A LOT!

Doc-Brown responds:

Not really the first time she's gotten angry over anyone daring to criticise her. I've been on NG as long as she has and back when she used to post on the forums (I don't post but I've lurked on there from time to time) she always came off as something of an egomaniac who couldn't take criticism.

Of course, having checked her newspost just now, now she's claiming she didn't even watch Street Fighter Chode (I call bullshit on that one personally but you could probably guess that). If it IS true that she didn't watch it then that just proves my point about her ego.

Anyway, I'm bitching too much, thanks for reviewing.

holy cow

I cannot help but laugh at this because its 100% true.

If you thought chode was funny, Brawl Funnies will have you laughing just as much :O

Doc-Brown responds:

I just made a funny observation about our friend Captain Falcon over there.

the truth has been seenified

i must tell other of the truth

Doc-Brown responds:

Yes you must. Go forth! Spread the word!


It seems plausable that this is what happened too in reguards to that review. Either way, Street Fighter Club was rubbish.

Doc-Brown responds:

Aye, that it was.

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Jul 30, 2010
6:16 PM EDT