ChalkBoard 2

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A vastly improved version of my ChalkBoard game I uploaded to another site. :D

This game is essentially an online paint. Once you've registered to the game's servers (only used for this game) you are able to create and join rooms where you can show your drawing skills off to the world (or well.. just the people in the room with you). If anyone has any suggestions for features feel free to leave a comment.

I plan to do various updates, including more tools (line tool, smudge tool, text tool), saving a room name to an account (so only you can create that room), and basic room moderation.

New Features:
- Chat
- Performance improvements.
- Smoother drawing.
- Size.
- Better UI.
- Uses Kongregate account**
- Use a section as your avatar**
Note: ** = Not Yet Implemented.



uhh uhh i ant doin it

Sorry. Not doing it.

I am sorry, but having to sign up for a game on a website where I already have sign in for is foolish. If I wanted to play, I'd play on Kongregate. And if it is like paint with chat, I'll just open my paint program or photoshop or even find someone on MSN to draw with there. I'm sure you put a lot of effort into it, and I'll give you a neutral vote, but I'm not signing up.

I think what would help would be adding the guest feature. I'd probably try it then, but as this like this don't hold my attention long, there would be no point in me creating an account.

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BlamBear responds:

Yeah, I've removed that now as most people seemed put off.
Thanks for your feedback <3


You say this is a vastly improved version? So what you are telling me is that the previous version worked even less? And on top of that it isn't working you expect people to input their login info from a website into a game made by someone not assotiated with the site? I think not. So some constructive critisism.

1. Make it work. The only thing I was able to do was create a 'login' and go to an empty chat room (if that is what it was), where the text I sent didn't appear, and I could change the background color. Leaving caused the 'game' to crash.

2. The second time I attempted to 'login' the screen glitched and brought me to the room area where i could not do anything because you had to login to do anything. The login screen by the way was still in the background.

As near as I can tell this is a poorly contrived game that doesn't really do anything at this point. The drawing doesn't work. The chat doesn't work. The login doesn't work. There is nothing overly redeeming about this 'game' as I can tell. And I can't really tell what it is supposed to do because nothing works. At this stage 0/5 0/10. Better luck next time.

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BlamBear responds:

Released an update (to add private servers), which put it down for about 10 minutes.. you must have been in there then (which was because i'm an idiot :) )

Feel free to try again now :)


Personally, I don't like being forced to join other sites to play a game. There's a reason We come to newgrounds, man.

Also, you tell us nothing about the game, although from the title I assume it's a sort of drawing site. You mention no controls or anything, although you may do that in game. In reality, yes, I am mostly judging this because of the fact it wants me to join an entire other site to play; I can't play on here. I'm sorry.

BlamBear responds:

You're not joining a site, it's literally just for this game.
I'll add a guest feature if you think it'll really help but I was planning to add things such as saving room names to your account, having customisable pens, etc ,etc.

Oh and I made the description in a hurry, I'll fix that :)

Thanks for your feedback.

Has great potential!

I rather like it, the concept is sound but the execution needs just a bit of work. Some kind of color picker would be nice, as would a way to control trolls, but I love the community drawing aspect. There seem to be a few bugs that need to be worked out, but I hope you keep working on it, it has great potential!

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BlamBear responds:

Trolls can now be controlled via private rooms. Just set a password when you're creating a room.

What sort of colour picker did you have in mind? One like photoshop (where you choose a colour by clicking on it in a colour blend type display, and pick the brightness)?

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Jul 30, 2010
5:07 PM EDT
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