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Castle Fight EP1 - Intro

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Castle Fight Episode 1 Introduction. This is Just A Short. The Next Episode should Be Fighting And Lots Of It.

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Can improve... !

Look, I think there was more thanks and presentations than the trailer itself, I think if there was more content in that trailer, it would be better and I would have a greater interest.

Another thing that can improve is the pose of the character, I think if you were in a better pose and suitable for pro scene and climate would be better.

Anyway, hope to improve with the next episodes.

Good effort?

The only thing I saw effort put into is the drawing of the castle and tree at the beginning, and the credits. And I'm honestly not entirely sure any of the people involved in this atrocious video even drew it.
Why you felt this needed a "preview" of any kind is beyond me.
Speaking of the previews, those might have had more "effort" put into them than whatever this is.
The message here: Please keep in mind that stick figures made on Microsoft Paint and some recordings of a few sentences does NOT constitute a flash video.

Really Good!

ZeroAmaterasu, i made it! Criminalco do the voices and the script...but, tnx for all you say! and the anime it's good i think!



Maybe I'm just not in the best mood today?

Anyway, the credits and the forward at the beginning are both longer than the movie itself, which is the main problem. The movie itself tells us nothing about what's coming, and so we don't know WHAT to say.

Also, it may be used for comic relief, but why are their eyes staring at the user, and why is one eye bigger than the other? Considering it's by sound and name meant to be serious, the comic relief potential of this is taken away.

If it was a few minutes long, it might be something. As maybe, maybe five seconds, no, I'm sorry. Potentially you were using this to advertise, but that in itself isnt worth it. I wanna see more before I'm going to come to your site.

good effort

trailer was better though...