A Fable II Experience

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TOP EDIT :3 Anyone who wants updates on my projects and/or is bored should help us grow the White Lightning forum at http://www.whitelightning.forumotion.com!

This is something that happened while playing Fable II that me and my friend Jon found funny. So naturally, I made a cartoon about it. Fastest one ever, hope it's not too stupid :P

EDIT: There are two references to other videos of mine flying through the air near the end of this one: one is a frag grenade from the soon to come 'Last Ditch Grenades' (Halo) and one is the tumor in a jar from 'Yoda's Christmas.'

Thanks for the great reviews so far! Keep 'em up so it gets front page, plz! You guys are awesome!

EDIT: MAH FIRST DAILY FEATURE! Thanks everyone! Also, I promised someone I'd upload the costume list for Rodriguez ElCazorro, so here it is:

-Upper Body=Explorer Shirt; Primary Dye=Java; Secondary Dye=Liquid Gold

-Lower Body=Explorer Pants; Primary Dye=Java; Secondary Dye=Liquid Gold

-Mask=Highwayman Mask; Java Dye

-Hands=Monk Gloves; Liquid Gold Dye

-Feet=Explorer Boots; Primary Dye=Java; Secondary Dye=Liquid Gold

-Moustache=The Debut

-Weapons=Master Katana; Master Clockwork Rifle

The gamertag of the REAL Rodriguez is I 4M Q, by the way ;)

LAST EDIT: FRONT PAGE!!!! (quick dance) It made it! Thanks for all the support!

ONE MOAR EDIT: I have created the requested Slappy t-shirt, as well as two Rodriguez ones! Available for purchase at these addresses:




LASTEST EDIT: Yes, apparently Jon looks similar to the Vault Boy from Fallout. I'm aware now, so you can all stop mentioning it. Any resemblance is unintentional.

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Yep still loving this and had to come check out here

Where's A Fable Experience?

Hey, is that for real? I thought I had reviewed it long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...!

Whatever, I'll do it now. Since I'm not a native speaker, I had to go around YouTube to get the subtitles and get the whole thing, but I'd say I'd got 70% or so before that. Moreover, I got the jokes all right, so...

What I mean is, Rodriguez ElCazorro was really well thought, and extra points for the Bandana Mask (I really loved 'the princess bride'). Do not challenge it! ^_^

still watching in 2017

i shall name you squishy and you will be my squishy. nemo.

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