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Eyelidbrower want to send the piss to ToadBoy's Grandma 01 so he went to his friend, postman Sex-Machete. When Sex-Machete's trying to bring the jar of piss to General Post Office, the jar falls and breaks apart. Monsters come out from the spilt piss and just one creature can save the world: Big Head, the super hero.


well, it's different....

There's some real technical ability on show here, it would be nice to see it applied to something with a slightly less purile theme.
I did chuckle at the end though- the creatures being wiped out by AIDS was, I guess, a take on the Aliens in War of the Worlds being defeated by common bacteria.
Or maybe I'm reading too much into it!
Anyway, get over your penis obsession and maybe create something a bit more high brow next time!

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MarkSW responds:

haha.. Who could think this flash would be compared with War of the Worlds.. :)
and I unfortunattely can't do anything with my penis obsession. I tried but it's useless :)


Well, I'm not entirely sure what the hell I just watched, lol. I'll definitely give you some points for creativity, though. The sound was in a different language, and while I can't bring myself to downgrade you for it, it was slightly irritating BUT you provided captions in English so a HUGE thank you for doing that.

Most of your drawings were meh. I'd say they were about average not amazing but not bad - I do like the style though. The animation was good....In my opinion, you've got quite a bit of potential. Keep at it, and I'm sure you'll make some super weird/cool/interesting shit in the future.


Yeah, this was a load of junk! Even more I am shocked that you are immature enough to delete my review from before. What? You can't handle a poor review? There was "good" plot line here. Your animation was ore like chicken scratch. I mean, if that's what you're going for, that's fine. But the story was so lame I didn't even finish watching it.

Want to know how to do better?

1st - either draw better or learn how to draw better.
2nd - come up with a an actual good storyline. Not just one where they blabber on about nothing.
3rdly - why is your description in English & the story in some other language? Keep it consistent. That or have both languages in both places.

MarkSW responds:

first, I didn't delete any reviews.
secondly, I know that the animation is like a chicken scratch and I don't try to prove the contrary.
thirdly, I've never heard anything more stupider, then your opinion of different languages in description and in the story. I don't know English good enough so.. to translate descrption is not a problem, but if I was lip-synching it in English, voices would be really crappy (i mean more crapier, then they are).


Well, as Makeshift says below, there is potential in this piece and lots of it. I'm highly interested to see this piece made into some sort of sequel, where we can actually work out what is going on, as there were parts of it where I was just rubbing my eyes and wondering what's going on.

This lack of exposition might be improved by me learning Russian (?), or having the piece dubbed to English might have helped matters, so that more users can understand it.

The superhero was a brilliant idea, with the special attack of consumption being very well animated. The style puts me a little in mind of 2good2b4gotten, with the thin lines of the drawing, which is a nice impression. Does this mean that the superhero dying of AIDS will continue his quest against evil in this world, while he slowly dies?

[Review Request Club]

MarkSW responds:

Creating of the sequel is in process already, but the superhero won't continue his quest :). The story will be about what happens before... the story of Big Head's birth :)
Maybe it'll be even dubbed to English.

Hmm I was entertained

The flash itself was I don't even know. I'll explain it all in the review

Well the style of the flash was really different from everyone elses I have seen on here. The art looked like gibberish. Which what surprised me was some parts were really good flash skills then it restored down to the "unknown" part of the flash again. The weird language was not even a real language which gave it that random touch. I have to admit some parts on here I laughed at but then some made me tap my head and think.

I can see potential in you, it matters just how you put it to use. I bet if you really tried you could make a really great flash. Please don't make anything like this again though. I don't mean to call you out this was just not good in my opinion at some parts of the flash.

Art & Animation - 4
Story - 0
Voices - 2
Overall - 2 (+1 point for potential)

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MarkSW responds:

I think the next flash will be exactly like this one. I just can't (or don't want to) think up something not stupid.
Thanks for the review though!

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2.24 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2010
11:09 AM EDT
Comedy - Original