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Kalinin Slayer 25 Points

Destroy a K-7 flying fortress on any difficulty.

Pacifist 25 Points

Reach 500 points on Normal or Hard without firing a single shot.

War Hero 100 Points

Reach 2000 points on Hard mode.

Author Comments

I decided to release my first Flash game, which I used to learn Flixel a while back. It's an expanded remake, more of a sequel I guess, of two old games of mine: elacsy and 2elacsy.

You can aim for a high score on the default level, or you can create your own by entering any word, which becomes the seed for the level generator. The high score table doesn't care which level you were on, so experiment and find one that you're awesome at.

Score is earned by shooting foes, collecting green things from cargo planes, or grazing enemy bullets (touching them with your ship but not letting them kill you by hitting your cockpit).
Shoot with X, slow down if you need to with C or Z. Fly with the arrow keys.
You can also use the mouse if you want but that would be kinda tricky.

Have fun!

PS: Easy? Slow? Try HARD MODE: the real game.


What a bunch of pansies.

This game is great, the only reason people dont like it is because they suck.

Seems like they've never played a Touhou game before.

Not bad

Pretty good, but the gameplay was obviously ripped off of 1942 Capcom for the NES. The original was a lot better in my opinion. Still, this is your first game so you did pretty good.

I'm in love!

I was so disappointed after I saw that Frantic shit, thinking "WOW, is this the best the internet can manage with flash games?"

Thank you so much, you've given me hope for a less boring world of flash games.


normally I don't rate games but this was just awful. srry man it has a good base but either i suck at it or there is way to much at once. health would be perfect so i can do the classic grit-turn to prevent myself from being trapped and only take like 1 hit.

Old NeS game?

Is this a remake of an old NES game? I seem to remember playing one that was like this! Please let me know I'm very interested :) I think it was called "something" 1982 or something like that.

Anyway, AWESOME game, its smooth, and JUST like a classic!

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Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2010
12:05 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight