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Glotion Sickness

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Destructo Box
"Glotion Sickness"

Joey and Phil overdose on fun after a late-night infomercial sells them an experimental glow-in-the-dark topical cream.

Phil: I just bought a magic bullet.
Joey: Nice! I liked mine okay, but it wore out pretty quick.
Phil: Seems pretty durable to me.
Joey: Yeah, just couldn't match up to the old reliable flesh light.
Phil: Wait, are you talking about sex toys?
Joey: Weren't you?
Phil: No?
Joey: Oh.
Phil: Want a smoothie?

Ninja Edit: Updated video quality a pinch. Cheers!

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all hail king glowly LOL

Glow + Lotion? Huh... Thats cool...


the Glotion pimp has spoken


hah funny!

decisions decisions....

all hail king glowy........or keep the lights on forever......hmmm