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Colorfull Explosion

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An other littel test signed Broken arms games!

This is our second release, we must make some littel experiment as long as we developping our first littel milestone( and i promise you that we will released it soon ;) ).

You can move whit asdw or up,down,right,left! Aim with the mouse and shoot with the left mouse click.
You have to destroy the colored figures with our cannon and capture the smallest particles
to enhance the shot , different colors provide different power-ups ,
the colors are provided under the shades of colored particles

Enjoy and have fun!

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heh yeah colorfulness

Poor game

The game needs:

~A mute button
~A Pause button
~A slow motion power
~Different modes of play (time attack, survival, etc)
~A plot with better graphics


It's a bit difficult to control, the speed of the player is abnormally fast, so it can be hard to get used to and even harder to use effectively. It would be ideal to have an option in which you can control the speed of the player.


The sound effects were ok for what they were, but you might want to consider varriation to it and you don't have sound effects for shooting. If you add the slow motion power, make sure you make the music quieter/ muffled and there's like a heartbeat effect or something.

Needs... Work...

It's a simple game with an understandable concept... it just isn't fun. The biggest problems are, in no particular order, the inability to move diagonally, the poor transition of the objects from one side of the screen to the other, especially at corners, and the unnecessarily rapid acceleration rate of the 'tank' movement. It kind of reminds me of pong... without borders... and a 'tank' thing.....

Don't be discouraged by a poor score or bad reviews. Use them to make/design your game better.

Realy Nice!!!!!!!!!!!

nothing really original but still fun and addicting;)