Chat Roulette Experience

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This is a short flash I made in order to get myself back into animating.

It details the familiar and tragic story of surfing for pussy on Chat Roulette.

If you are unfamiliar with Chat Roulette then this might very well go over your head.

Be sure to enjoy the shit out of it, review it, and then check out all the songs in this flash that all come directly from the crackers in the audio portal.



ha ha ha yes

love the ending! ha ha ha emma watson = babe

Dude, that was the most accurate and perfect depiction of webcam matching sites like Chat Roulette and Omegle from which I have experienced first hand myself! Well done! More works like this man. :)

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Nice animation, oh and

Dude, I prefer to stay out of Chat Roulette, god knows what kinds of traumas it might bring me.

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My song got used in something... And it doesn't suck! Nice work.


yhea this shit happens to me all the time the only reson i go there is that at least one person will talk to me for maby 30 minits but to find one of those people you half to look for 30 minits at look at 1000 dicks is only orth it if there is nuthing more to do.....

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