Chat Roulette Experience

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This is a short flash I made in order to get myself back into animating.

It details the familiar and tragic story of surfing for pussy on Chat Roulette.

If you are unfamiliar with Chat Roulette then this might very well go over your head.

Be sure to enjoy the shit out of it, review it, and then check out all the songs in this flash that all come directly from the crackers in the audio portal.



I share your pain

the first and only time i ever went on chat roulette i was so busy skipping through all the ugly wanking guys that i accidentally skipped a fit girl with her tits out :(

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went to that site once....nothing but perv old men. a great satire on it.

Greast job!

I feel you dude. This always happens to me. The same exact stuff. I'm sure you connected with a lot of people with this.

Keep up the kewl work,

I loved this!

I absolutely loved this! Hahaha!! This is sooooo true, which makes something sooo simple so hilarious! HAHA - You even have the people's positions correct, some people putting on stupid stuff like bear costumes and all the shirtless guys laying down listening to rap LOL

I love this ^^

Finally his chance is there and then...

Sound, graphics were decent and did what they had to make this enjoyable. The plot was simple but funny.

Wow, you actually watched it 3 times? :S

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