Chat Roulette Experience

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This is a short flash I made in order to get myself back into animating.

It details the familiar and tragic story of surfing for pussy on Chat Roulette.

If you are unfamiliar with Chat Roulette then this might very well go over your head.

Be sure to enjoy the shit out of it, review it, and then check out all the songs in this flash that all come directly from the crackers in the audio portal.




This is incredibly accurate XD.

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So true

After I watch this I went to go try chat roulette. I had the same experience, way to many cocks outs. But I loved the flash!

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so true

hey its a good place to show how big yours is

I love the alternative ending.

Especially since I just saw the movie. As for Chat "Holy shit what's with all the penis!?" roulette, yeah, really fucked up.

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Emma Watson Pics....

Yeah...funny thing about that...

Awesome by the way, I feel your pain...i have been luck on it a couple of times...

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