Pedobear Zombears

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The game was obviously inspired by one of the web's more recognized memes.

Note that it was originally uploaded by a thief-account that has been banned from NewGrounds.


awesome :D

wow, that's a funny and hilarious game ever see it's make me laugh! XD lol

brains-i mean lolis

it has alot of flaws and u could put in a few more features

Flawed but likeable game

I like overhead shooters like this, but this one lags, button mashing sux, and the controls stick. I wouldn't mind playing a revised/repaired version of this game, once these problems have been addressed.

sry but

it's way too laggy

flaws in game, ruined it

I thought that this game would have been great, and the concept was, but the frequent lags killed the game. Its just a pain to play any game that lags as badly as this one. Considering that its pedobear we are talking about, why did the character look like he was at least in middle school. pedobear likes kids not teenagers. i gotta agree with AeroMessor, make the character female. you also should be able to repair the boxes from within. its a pain to have to jump out. also dont just have the bears drop guns, why would they have them and not use them. makes more sense for them to have cash and you can buy guns/powerups between each wave. GET RID OF THE TAP MOUSE TO GET FREE IDEA. it sucks, no one ever liked the idea of button mashing, it takes no skill, just speed. its annoying.

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3.25 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2010
7:33 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun