Origins Of Buxley

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I busted my ass so don't criticize the shit out of this!!
like 3 days nonstop, more than 3 days idk NO SENSE OF TIME

Buxley and how he came to the "House" on cyanide 3

Cyanide 3 and all contents belong to ME
sounds via Freesound.com



See I knew you were good, You just have to stop letting the no talent A-Holes get to you just remember their lives are so meaningless that the only purpose they can find is to try and make someone else feel worse than themselves.

Please don't give up on NG

Hey Ash, sorry I haven't messaged you back lately, the site won't let me do it for some reason. Your animations are getting better all the time, and I think that if you keep adding to the story, you'll have a cult classic on your hands pretty soon. You just need to keep making more, and your fanbase will grow. I'm glad to have some insight into Buxley's story, but I'm also glad that you made it darker and kept your characters mysterious.

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Great job this is pretty cool


Ashmic responds:


Not bad for three days

The animation could have been better, at some parts it appeared choppy, but it was fine overall.

The story was a little confusing with a reverse Frankenstein feel to it.

I'm not well informed on "Buxley," but in this flash the shots were held too long and held little significance. It was also a bit repetitive.

Graphics were meh, but acceptable.

Ashmic responds:

i know its freakin choppy! everyone says to all my flashes its choppy IDK HOW TO FIX IT, im sorry for exploding its just i bust my ass and ur the second one who gives me a paragraph on how my flashes sucks so much its critisism but i mean jesus, i just joined and with each comment im closer to leaving
if everything i make is shit im just gonna quit submitting
idk how to fix it im self taught, there are no tutorials online on animation, on anime animation, nothing! and theres no help, i have to do it with no knowledge except what i learn myself i have to self teach myself and its fuckin frustrating!

thanks for the score but idk im just gonna end up quitting if i can't find help
its not giving up,
i try and i get nowhere so,
sorry its just i, idk i hate this flash now

Hey this is awsome XD

i love the ending it was soooo cute XD
i feel so sorry for Buxley T^T
~ Laura XD

Ashmic responds:

thanks laura :]

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3.28 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2010
4:16 AM EDT