The Illusionist's Dream

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Once upon a time there was a great magical performer who entertained crowds with his tricks and illusions.

But when the one he loved died, he stopped performing and lost the will to live...

...until one night he had a dream...

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NOTICE: Anyone is free to make videos of my games. Sharing video game experiences with others is really nice. It gives me some exposure while the people who make the videos get something back in return. I fully support the monetisation of any video you make containing footage from my games. As long as you don’t claim to be the creator of my games, it’s all good! Throwing my name, SeethingSwarm, as the creator into the description or into the video itself is also always appreciated.



Running. Jumping. Looking around. Reading inscriptions. Animals maltreating. Morality. Change of shape, sudden absorption by a mightier being. Nah, it's only the exploited creature that met its end. Taught by the previous actions you choose the stronger organism and make a decision of taking care of the lower food chain creatures. Perceive you can't go much to the left and that animals reborn over and over again. Art game, game art. The manoeuvring area is restricted, which results in linearity, no LD either.

Anyway. Introduced with the basics you finally set out for real adventure. A key, key door, is what yours looking for. The background changes just like the helpful creatures do. It's getting more and more grim, the difficulty increases. Inconvenience appears, as well as the inaccurate solutions. Turns out you're not that good magician, mistakes lead you to the base and you don't have all the capabilities. Of animals. Disappointed by the inability of full exploration you begin to lose your patience, maybe missing some story. Not giving up though as the reason of your life are the credits, you reaches the goal.

Decent, poignant game.

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Beautifully made

Will there be a second? I really enjoyed this.

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Could be more polished, but a good experience.

First off, I want to congratulate you on making a wonderfully atmospheric and emotional game; and the, admittedly used before, gameplay mechanic of taking other animals' forms for various different abilities in puzzle solving, was implemented incredibly well and incorporated in the game smoothly with a sense of originality for this well used mechanic. That being said, the collision detection and platforming mechanics were a little frustrating, but not that big of a deal, that is, until the last couple levels, where an amount of precision is required that the player control and collision detection simply can't maintain. I finished the last level only after becoming infuriated once or twice due to what should have been a simple task of jumping over a flame, only to die (in one hit) and respawn at the beginning of the level. All this being said, the game is a great experience not to be missed, with a beautifully blunt ending; you just need to grind through a frustrating last level or two.

Note: I played this shortly after spending a long time playing "Little Nemo: Dream Master," a game for the NES where you also take the form of various different animals in order to traverse the levels. So I was pleasantly surprised see the similarities in this game.

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love this. love the animal transformations and settings. Thing is, it was kinda annoying to go back to the beginning every time I screwed up.

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good mensagen but...

is not the BAD ASS game in newgrounds

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4.22 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2010
11:42 AM EDT
Skill - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place July 29, 2010

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