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Two Nerds and a Robot

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Hey everybody - been a while since I uploaded anything up here! This was an assignment for my advanced 2D animation class where we had to have two characters have a plan that went wrong. I just went with the first thing that popped into my head. I'm pretty proud of the animation in this because it's once again almost all frame by frame with Photoshop backgrounds. So, while the cartoon may not be one of my funnier ones, it has probably my best animation.

Keep your eyes peeled the next few weeks - I've got one more cartoon I've got to make for this class that will be awesome, and one more I plan to make for fun. Any reviews are appreciated, and I'll respond to all of em!

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Great short

You so need to bring these guys back! With the exception of the wobbling gut of the second nerd, this is really well animated. I'd probably insist on some voices for these two, just for the fact that you've got so many nerd jokes and clich├ęs that need to be attended to.

What becomes of the robot? With that boot print in his brain, does it go on a killing spree, wrecking the nerd's chances of ever winning at the science fair that will eventually take place, no doubt.

Was the jaw dropping inspired by Ren & Stimpey? The animation just seemed heavily influenced by that and I would be surprised if it wasn't. Particularly with things like the step in from off-screen and other bits and pieces like that, you seem to be leaning that way.

A great piece of music and a very accomplished piece of Flash work. I look forward to seeing more :D

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Battosai810 responds:

The bit with the jaw drop was actually a Tex Avery gag, but a lot of animation in Ren and Stimpy is John K. writing a love letter to Tex. The instructor for my Advanced 2D course was a really big Tex Avery fan, so I had to have a nice take in there.

I started writing another cartoon with these guys and SRM, but it never went anywhere. I have them pop up in the background here and there, but I'd love to use them again. Fat guys are really fun to animate. The robot was actually taken from another cartoon I wrote but never made about a kid in the 50's with a robot best friend. They'd fight Soviet robots like the one in this toon.

Glad you liked the cartoon!