One Piece's treasure map

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Use diamands of differents shapes to form the lost part of the treasure map. Remember to fill all the graphic blanks in the map and the diamands must be placed properly.Use mouse to move the diamands and spacebar to rotate one.


I found the treasure!

Great game! Very addictive! Hope to see more games like this in the future! The only compliant I had was the writing at the end. It should say "You Found The Treasure!" instead of you find the treasure.


An overall enjoyable game, I especially loved the images and music used. My only nitpick would be the end screen. Shouldn't it say 'Found' the treasure? (I spent a few minutes thinking there was more to the game)
Loads of fun, otherwise!


Awesome job man!!!!! The sound the images the hole idea!!! Awesome!!

Should please every fan

I am not a fan of "One Piece" and am not familiar with it, but this was still a fairly enjoyable game. The best part was probably how the designs were good, with what little they had. As I am not a fan, it was a bit hard to tell how this was like OP. What does matter is that this still has the same addiction that makes your other games so good. My biggest complaint would be I do not think you are able to rotate the pieces as much as you would like them to. I am guessing you can still solve the level of course.

Another complaint was that the music did get a bit annoying as it was short and infinite. Still, this is a recommendation to anyone who is a fan of puzzle games. I think it has been awhile since I have played a game like this. All of the images used for the characters fit in well. As it gets harder, you have to learn to pace yourself too.

i found "One piece".

straw like

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3.27 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2010
7:02 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other