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5 Alive

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5 Alive

I felt most avoider games were to easy so I thought of concepts on how to make them more challenging. I came to realize avoiding incoming objects was a lot harder with more then 1 character so I decided to build a game where you have 5 blocks you must keep alive.

Click and hold to drag a block to the desired spot. You have 5 blue blocks you must keep out of the lasers sights. Lasers will be coming from the top and the right and shoot beams that span the length of the screen. Be careful! As soon as you are hit, its game over. Press P to pause and M to mute the music.

Created by:
Max Stein

Artwork by:

Sponsored by:
Agitated Ferret

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This game is evil!!

I can see it working on an iphone/ipod touch nicely.
Great job mate.

ive seen better

maybe with a little work it can become better

Concept is great

The game seems a bit slow. I think the idea is great and it you could just maybe make three settings (Easy, Medium, Hard), where hard is the fastest setting. I like the game and the concept. The speed of the game can use some fine-tuning.

this has good potential

and you have a really fresh concept.
just a couple things:
the music was pretty upbeat and kept this alive, but the game was too slow paced.
it took way to long for this to get challenging.
a change of scenery would be nice also.

good job overall

agitatedferret responds:

Im going to take your advice to heart and speed the game up a little. Edit: Just sped up the pacing. The game gets more challenging nearly twice as quickly now.


Good concept but a little slow begining

agitatedferret responds:

Sped it up based on reviews! Thanks :).