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-Space Scavenger-

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Here's a quickie I had to do for a school project. I did it in four days and it was made in CS4. The ship only moves from left to right and up and down, but not at an angle. Collect the space metal to keep your ship running! Please leave a review, I enjoy reading them.

Thanks to Fro for helping out and having an interest in programming.

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Needs work

Well, it's a basic little game that you've made and I can't criticise you for that. However, with the way that you've fit it all together and the way that the blobs of alien life or space debris destroys part of the ship when you get close, I'm not convinced.

I'd suggest that you make it into some sort of space shooter game with better controls and make the lazers shoot in straight beams, which look like dotted lines. From here, you can despatch powerups and get it into a better laid out setup.

Sorting out the walling of the ship and the objects is a must, as it was very frustrating to see these cost me a lot of life and shorten the game, since that's the whole basis of the game, you need to work on these first and foremost.

The only other thing you could add is a plot and some boss stages - are these aliens that have different attacks, or do you have to destroy huge pieces of space junk that occasionally haemorhage large pieces of debris? Come up with the captain and get a little voice acting (Fro can help there!) and you'll be well on your way to a great little game.

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fallensoul289 responds:

Yeah I know old game typical idea.

I agree with the others on some aspects

I understand that this was a school project and everything, but I'll still review it like a regular submission.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

I loved the moving background here and really enjoyed all of the art work. I didn't really see anything as simple and thought the entire thing was visually pleasing to the eye.

I did see one thing that stood out though. When moving left or right your ship slowly tilted, which looked great, but when you stopped moving the ship instantly went back straight. This should also be a slow movement as well.

~ Story/Content ~

Hm, there weren't any enemies so I don't see where the reviewer was getting at below us. But collecting space junk is a nice change of pace from the regular shoot the enemy space shooter that we tend to see. Maybe adding different space junk and maybe an enemy every now and then would have made this game a little bit more interesting though. That would make things a bit complicated as you don't actually have a gun on the ship as the laser looking thing is only a tractor beam.

The game does actually get challenging later on. I feel if you could move diagonal that the game would be way too easy. Even though it's odd not being able to move in that direction, it does add to the challenge. The only odd thing was when you got hit because all of the space junk reset over to the top of the screen.

~ Audio ~

A nice ambient background song would have really helped this submission out along with the tractor beam sound effects as well. The explosion noises sounded great though.

~ Overall ~

It's very simple and there are only a few odds and ends that need fixed up in my opinion. Some sound effects and music are the biggest flaws in my eyes.

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fallensoul289 responds:

Thank you for the kind review.

Nothing special

You've done a pretty good job with the game, but it's not really that special. Nothing too new.

Graphically, it's very simple, and the animation could be a bit smoother by increasing the framerate, which wouldn't really harm anyone, except for maybe in the later levels with bombs everywhere. The explosions and gun shots are very simple, and they don't look too impressive. The ship, however, looks really neat with the 3D effect. THe background is also very simple, and the interface could've been a bit, better, if the game was better.

The gameplay is far too simple, and I was very annoyed that i couldn't go diagonally any direction. The enemies were all the same, with varying speed, and it got quite boring quite fast, especially considering I reached level 60-something in a couple minutes. A big issue in the later levels is that the health power-ups disappear as you level up, and I was never able to get one of them because I'd rank up a level so soon. I'd like to see more different enemies as the levels progress, and multiple weapons in the arsenal. This cuold set up for a somewhat better interface as well, with weapon loadout. Maybe a better health bar and a shield bar?

There's not much to say about story, but audio was okay. I missed a sound to the gunshots, because right now there's only sound when someone gets hit, which isn't enough. Also, some background music could be nice.

Review Request club

fallensoul289 responds:

Yeah I know, a lame idea but it was for school.


I've gotta say this game was pretty addicting and kinda fun to play with.
There is a way to become unbeatable or invincible, though. But even with that, when you get over level 50, it will become useless since the whole screen gets invaded with "bombs".
As I can see, the size of this flash game is less than 1 MB. You would have used a higher FPS to make the game runs smoother, it wouldn't have affected the file size a lot.
Also, the game would have been less repetitive if each 20 levels you added a music loop in the game. It's not hard doing that. Just basic Actionscript.
Conclusion: Overall, a nice game. The main engine of the game is addictive, but if you added more details then this would be even greater.

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fallensoul289 responds:

Yeah it was a last minute thing, I don't feel like adding to it.


The idea is fine; but as said before, you can become invincible. Also, I don't know if it was just here, but the colision mechanics you used were kinda... broke. I was taking damage while i was far away from the space metal, or even when i collected it.

fallensoul289 responds:

Thanks I will get working on fixing that

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2.90 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2010
10:23 AM EDT