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CoolDr's Trad. Animation

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Also appearently its graphic intensive at parts. If you really want to see the little dancin man dance smoothly then just set quality to low or medium.

So this is my animation from my school year. Everyone is very interested in this I can tell so I uploaded it hope you all have fun.

Super props to DJ SHADOWFOX for his outstanding musical genius. Go to his site http://www.kd2music.com/

I am a very bad coder so if the dancing man spazzes out after you watch the ball bounce animation THEN SORRY FOLKS! Thats just the way it is. Tupac dead etc


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The compilation is very good, it seems that you are a good animator who is willing to experiment with different styles of animation!!


Great work. Hahah i remember starting animation, damn its tough. anyways good work and if you ever need any music i could always make you some ;)

seth :(

why didnt you tell me you had new flashes up :( this makes me sad :(

CoolDrMoney responds:

Because you a big gay

This is some really great animation

I love seeing traditional animation and it had a really neat presentation to it all together such as the menu and preloader.

I liked the video quality itself since it didn't have that overly pixelated look commonly associated with animations posted to the internet.

The stop motion animation was great but personally i found the drawn animation to be more entertaining.

with claymation you have to worry about your cinematography such as choice of angles, lighting, shadows but like anything else it has to look natural such as the light having direction.

I commonly see some animators fall into the trap of adding lots of shadows to there cartoons for no reason other than to make it look more polished but they make the mistake of now allowing the lighting change as the characters move and there environment changes.

The one clay animation had some rather neat cinematography and was basically above home movie level in terms of spit and polish but i found the first stop motion animation in the collection to be more entertaining.

it didn't look as polished nor was it as good by technical standards but i felt it was more to the point than the clay animated movie.

what it all boils down to is that they were both good but i personally found one more entertaining than the other.

Now onto your drawn animations.

I'm not much of fan of rotoscope animation but if i was to compare it to the other forms of rotoscope i have seen before it is generally well animated.

rotoscope is extreamly difficult to pull off well because it takes more than mere tracing to have it look any good.

You even mixed a bit of your own personal touch to the rotoscope hence making it look less fake and eerie.

The ball bounce was nothing special to watch but you have effectively used squash and stretch.

the proportions in your animations were kept consistent even while angles changed and this is some of what of a mistake since proportions would change with a new angle.

abstract animation used color effectively and had a much more spontaneous feel to it than the other more steadily animated shorts.

I can assume you animated abstract animation in a more straight ahead fashion rather than planed ahead of time.

In fact abstract is the best of all your shorts in the entire collection.

If it could at all be possible to make another traditionally animated submission but with better optimization than you can easily make a much longer cartoon for this very website.

I look forward to seeing more from you and i hope this review is constructive enough to help you in the future.


CoolDrMoney responds:

honestly this is probably the most constructive review Ive ever recieved. Thanks PRY I will try my best

Very good!

Is this supposed to be a Show Reel? It's a very good selection of work, showing off six different animation styles and all of them are very well done. The Blob one was probably my favourite. I really want to give Claymation a try, seems very tedious though.

Excellent work.

CoolDrMoney responds:

Claymation is fine. It was the aperture that sucked (The "skeletons" of the dog and old man)

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Jul 27, 2010
5:47 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place July 28, 2010