Lifeguard Larry Deluxe

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Dive right in! 5 Points

The fastest route isn't always the best one.

Following instructions... 5 Points

I think you missed a step in there somewhere...

HEADSHOT! 5 Points

HEY! Watch where you are pointing that thing!

The gambler 5 Points

LOOK out for PoolSharks.

Butterfly Effect 10 Points

Whoever dropped that quarter made a HUGE mistake.

GET OVER HERE! 10 Points

Scorpion would be proud.

I'm not dead yet! 10 Points

One of these days Alice... straight to the Moon!

Statuesque 10 Points

I wish every lifeguard made his pool as safe as you!

Thumb up your butt 10 Points

What were you doing?

We're gonna need a bigger boat. 25 Points

Duh Dum.... Duh Dum... Duh Dum Duh Dum Duh Dum Duh Dum!

Author Comments

OH NO! That fat kid is drowning in the pool! I guess Lifeguard Larry had better save him or at least get his corpse out of the pool or something.

In this game you have one minute to take action. Your actions can all lead to different outcomes in this fast and fun, humor game.

OK. so after talking to several people and taking into account all the complaints that people had about the text based controls of the original version I have made this version to be more approachable for the average user.

I also added another medal to the mix can you find out how to get it?


Love it!

Fun game! Really like the humor in it! And like previous reviewer said, this has series potential. Please make some more with LIfeguard Larry!

Help me

How you get "get over here"& following instructions

Nice game

I think this could be the beginning of a nive series.
Keep on it and I really loved the Alien Ship Ending...I just new the green button was the right one...right?

JackSmack responds:

There was a logic to the color of the buttons, yeah. The green one is my personal favorite ending. Remember you can also LOOK at the buttons for hints as to what they do, though they are purposefully vague.


i could FINALLY get the medals but the new one i CANT get?!?nice game.!


To save the kid, you first need to grab the harpoon, then "look" at the pool. When you see the shark fin, use the harpoon gun at it and you'll kill the shark and save the fat kid...as if we should save him anyways...

To shoot yourself in the head, "use" the harpoon gun.

JackSmack responds:

You can also win by going into space. There are two winning scenarios.

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Credits & Info

4.08 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2010
7:55 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click