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Jewel Cave

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Your Jewels have been stolen! Explore a dangerous cave in this retro platformer, while hunting down the thief. Many challenges await you on your journey, such as tough enemies, giant bosses, achievements and many secrets!

Fire Jewel - Damages single enemies and lights torches.
Wind Jewel - Jump right before it hits you, to wind-jump.
Earth Jewel - Damages multiple enemies and destroys various blocks.

Arrow Keys - Move and Aim
Space - Jump
A - Swing your bag
S - Throw Jewels
Q or W - Change jewels
E - Change ability

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how do you get past 2-11

Love it.

Only problem is that your attacks aren't accurate.

really great game

this one of those game you just want to play over and over great job


This game is very well done, it's unfortunately not to everyone's taste, but for what it is, it's great. I was VERY happy to see you wrote this yourself, and didn't use Flixel (from what I can tell at least). The only "bug" I could find was jumping when standing next to a wall, other than that, this engine is incredibly solid.

As far as the gameplay goes, the different gem types were very cool. I especially liked the wind gems. On that note, I managed to find the hidden room with the infinite gem fill-ups, VERY cool addition; it's rare that developers hide secrets in flash games these days. That's the kind of stuff you do because you liked the game, not because you were trying to score some cash.

Anyway, very sorry to see this game isn't doing so well in score. As a player, and a fellow developer, I assure your game is great, and that you're just getting unlucky with a crowd that doesn't appreciate your product for one reason or another. Overall, excellent game, awesome work, and kudos again on that secret room :)

pretty neet game!

the only thing I don't like is the sliding but i got used to it!