The End. Episode I

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The End will come soon to your house and eat all your cookies and steal your pencils so you can't write "HELP" on the wall, and delete all your favourite photos of you and your wall and your pencils and cookies. What are you going to do? What is the only way to survive? What is your favourite colour? How long are you going to read it?

UPD: Oh and don't vote until the movie is loaded, or got lagged. That's not my fault. The vid is about 8 minutes long
Would you want me to remove text clouds? Post in comments please then!

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What just happened ?

Here's a few pointers :D

- Work on your script, the words were basic at best and the humor was dull.
- Your plot line needs much more density, the criss-cross between scenes and the lack of full explanations ruined the flash for me.
- Speech bubbles within the flash killed the intensity by breaking up the screen, remove them next time.
- The quality of the voices need improving, the difference in their quality ruins the fluidity of the flash.
- Please work on your storyboarding to make the entire screenplay improve.
- Looping voice movements made it such a poor flash, please take more time this includes the walking.
- The entire part to do with the army KILLED the entire plot.
- All in all this was one of the worst flash movies I have ever seen, please either don't do anymore in this series or revamp this one to a higher standard and then continue.

ok so...

awesome dialogue, pretty nice backgrounds. the script was very original. i do wish the character animation was better but the talking and putting the words together and making them sound good thing.. was amazing. awesome voice acting...yeah

Epic sequel incoming ?

Grammar bla bla...
Bubbles bla bla...
I did actually enjoy this , love the emotionless characters. ^^
And well about the plot.. let's see where it goes I'd say.
Why 10/10 ? Cause it was rather entertaining.

super epic

sweet flash

Epic all the way

And even though the mouth only looped, you made it smooth with the voice acting.

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3.44 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2010
10:25 AM EDT
Comedy - Original