Death Defense-Metal Slug

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It is a much more exciting version compared to the old game. Enjoy yourself!



I first heard of "Metal Slug" when Tom Fulp mentioned it was one of this favorite games, but I had never even seen it being played before. Of all the direct homages to that game, this is by far the best I have ever played! Every second of this there is something amazing going on with all the explosions and troops and everything! I was almost disappointed you could not drive the tank along. This was still completely flawless making it as addictive as cocaine! The weapons were some of the best I have ever seen, especially the laser one!

I have absolutely no idea why this has only a few thousand views and no awards. This has cemented you as one of my all time favorite people on this website! Everything is exactly precise to what the original game should look like. It is definitley one of the most exciting games I have ever played and one of the best defense games! Thank you for coming to this website, my friend!

My Metal Slug: Death Defense review

I like this game, but there's something that I can't afford to happens to me: either my Cannon or Rocket misses which makes my combo start over(combos keeps this game fairly easy despite this game is increasingly difficult as the game progress) or I losing life which makes my main cannon resets to level 1(I often relies on my main cannon as my weapon as it has unlimited ammo and can be upgraded) and here are the things that you need to improve: Heavy Machine Gun should have blue shots, it's shot can spreads to wide area like shotgun so it can be more devastating(against bigger targets) as each single shots have damage dealt at least just below Main Cannon, and it can be fired continuously by holding fire button of course, and we need more enemies in this game, particularly Machine Gun armed enemies(other than Masknell Helicopters) like Minigun rebels, Amadeus Machine Gun Infantry, Gatling Gun Mecha, and so on as once they fires their weapons, they will never stop firing their weapons until player dies.

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Ever think of using a different game mechanic? Instead of a tower based shooter, why not do a strategy game using Metal Slug's sprites? Like that 1917 Warfare and 1944 warfare games from Armor Game? You already can program enemy AI to move in one direction, why not try something more complicated?


way WAY too easy, and becouse of that, boring. the heavy machine gun is useless since its weaker then your main gun, and the other weapons are stronger, but becouse the game is so easy and nothing but the same thing over and over again, not usable

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summary says it all and for what it's worth, the real metal slug was fairly ho hum single player at best, was only much fun with all the players going at once.

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3.24 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2010
5:53 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed