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The M.U.T. Ep: .825

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[Edit]: mkay, green highlighty thing, I can live with that! 7th place! whooo!


So after a while, I've decided to start animating again. This will serve as a "Re-introduction" to my characters and to flash.

I really hope u enjoy it, and if you do, I will make more (but actually scripted, and funnier!)

Story: There isnt any to speak of, other than slight commentary on how it's hard to entertain the overly-aggressive Newgrounds viewer.

Thanks for watching!


Pretty good

You should keep working on you art style. Voice work is ok. Keep at it.

ZeroXTAD responds:

I just dusted off my keyframes a few weeks ago, so i still have room to get my style down.

Thanks for watching/feedbacking!

nicely done

That was pretty interesting and innovative. I seriously feel like a savage beast right now..im glad i didnt have to blam this or anything.
Hey if you get the chance, can you send some of those super models my way? ?
much appreciated.

ZeroXTAD responds:

I'm ssOOOO glad u didnt blam it either, lol... whatever that means, lol

An i'm sorry, only Coolio can summon super models to his sides, it's an amazing talent only he has mastered.

Anywho, Thanks for the feedback/watching!

nice idea, nice humor.

well the animation could obviously be better but you're a beginner, so for your level, it's great, although you could make a better background... the yellow screen is annoying to watch... could made it a house or something...
voice acting wasn't top notch either but still was very nice. needs more work though.

overall: good job, keep it up!

ZeroXTAD responds:

true true, i was afraid i would "overcrowd" the screen, it i added a background, so i kept it simple.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep working on it, and hopefully we can do this again with the next episode!

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Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2010
2:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Original