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"The Waterman Movie"

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UPDATE 8.1.10 - Answering Some of Your Questions (below submission description)

In an effort to raise the funds needed to produce the film, CJC Entertainment and Waterman Studios proudly present the first two minutes of "The Waterman Movie" starring comedic legend Leslie Nielsen (The Naked Gun & Airplane.) See first hand the beginning of a project that we can complete with your help!

To contribute, please visit www.WatermanStudios.com

Answering Some of Your Questions

Q: What is "The Waterman Movie" about?
A: "The Waterman Movie" picks up right where the "Waterman" series left off. Raccoon X. Espanosa and Devin Farmer of 16Buttons of Justice are called into their Manager's office to discuss the drastic downfall in their popularity. The duo must come up with a way to regain the love of the public or face the cruel fate of being fired. News soon breaks that Ready Espanosa (Leslie Nielsen,) famous explorer and father to Raccoon X. Espanosa, has gone missing. The duo decides to kill two birds with one stone and document the greatest rescue attempt in history to save both Ready and their careers, but mostly their careers.

16Buttons of Justice enlists the help of Waterman, Pal, Ice Cream Girl, Mr. Dillo, and everyone's favorite pet owl, Professor Hootington to aid them in their rescue.

Q: Is that the voice of Morgan Freeman?
A: No, the voice you hear is that of Leslie Nielsen (The Naked Gun & Airplane.)

Q: Is that really Leslie Nielsen?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: Why does the artistic style between the backgrounds and the character look so different?
A: As a matter of fact, the style is actually not all that different, but I can understand why some people think that. The backgrounds look so much more detailed because there is so much going on. There are literally dozens of layers. The character design is really just one layer (so to speak.) We wanted to make cleaner, more detailed versions of the "Waterman" characters for the movie but not make them look drastically different from the ones in the series. It was no easy task.

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Wow, you know, I haven't watched anything of yours in like 7 or 8 years. I'm glad to see you're still doing this kind of thing and have improved immensely in your animating skills. You have my full support!

I love this guy...

Gonna miss Mr. Nielson, I'm sure if/when this is ready it'll be a credit to him and his excellent humour. Well down all-round, I'm looking forward to it, ;').

For Leslie Nielson...

I hope you get this movie running up

I hope this Film Makes it

Looks Amazing Want to see this In theatres Even. Good Job Waterman Team

This Movie

Could get syndication because of Leslie Nielsen's passing.

Please update the community on this projects progress.

Fans of your series and now mourning fans of a famed comedian are waiting.