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Benjamin Vs Angelo

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Derp , Okay I had to finish this because I am going on holi day tomorrow =D

Have fun.

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ok... so who won?

It was Fine

The animation was smooth. It had real potential. But I think this video needs more...fighting....Most of this was talking, special effects, changing camera angles and blur. And it was short. Next time focus more on the fighting, and try not to rush it. Good luck!

Hard to follow...

First of all, you didn't make the screen the right size, so I saw a bunch of negative space and random stuff on the top and bottom. Very distracting. The main problem I had with this film is that there was about one second of actual fbf sticks fighting. That one second looked pretty smooth. I can tell that you have some kind of talent, and potential to make a great flash. but instead you made this movie a shitstorm of quickly changing camera shots, text, and overused blur effects. The finished product screams "rushed." Next time, just put a little more time into what people came to see: the fight.


That..Is quite blatantly a poisoned dragon dagger, from Runescape. Any attempt to deny that fact is just an outright lie!

Also, why rush something just because you're going on holiday. Rather than uploading something rushed & unfinished, just wait a till you have the time to make it...Good...

poppetje3D responds:

Maybe It is a weapon from runescape.
I got that thing from the author of angelo.
I never made it.

And I was getting annoyed about things in this animation.
Anyway , you right I rushed it.
I dont care.


10* cause I didnt expect this xD
like ohyea let the battle beg.... what?