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The New Suited (pilot)

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EDIT (August 16 2011) Suited just one the "Best Animation" award in Hollywood (Los Angeles) at the ITVfest 2011!

It's the New Suited!

This film was fully made in flash, so no 3D, no After Effects, etc. So sit back, put on your 3D-glasses, and eat your popcorn! (wearing 3d-glasses may not result in anything at all)

Oh, and there are plenty of parodies hidden in this film. Can you spot them all?


Many thanks to all the people who helped making this episode! After more then 5 months of developing and animating I stayed sane thanks to you!

Directed and Animated by: Niels Beekes
Voices by: Eddie Bowley (Eddache) and Alison Stark
Additional animation by: Arjan Dekker (jack-mace) and Sam Green (master-samus)
Additional design by: Pixelcake and Ginny Higerd

(more detailed credit list at the end of the film)


bad movie

The movie was quite long, and had really bad not-funny jokes meant for 10 year olds, the voice acting was annoying, especially "Suited" (What kind of name is that?)

The animation was on the low side as well, because everything was so dull, and all tweened.

The characters were horrible, although good job giving them all personalities.

Overall, I think this movie would be well in kid's tv channel, but not newgrounds. Try to up the humor. Thanks. Don't cry. I'm sorry.

Insanely unfunny.

I didn't find myself laughing at any time throughout the entirety of this flash. The animation was pretty sub-par, the sound was bad, and the voice acting was awful. It just looked poorly made for 5 months.

To put it bluntly, I hated it. Which is a shame, because usually I like the authors' work, especially Master Samus. This was just awful.

I didn't like it.

It's not funny, the art style is poor and the jokes are derivative. Another Mario/WoW parody, oh look, that's NEVER been done before.

Try harder please.

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4.31 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2010
8:57 AM EDT
Comedy - Original