The New Suited (pilot)

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EDIT (August 16 2011) Suited just one the "Best Animation" award in Hollywood (Los Angeles) at the ITVfest 2011!

It's the New Suited!

This film was fully made in flash, so no 3D, no After Effects, etc. So sit back, put on your 3D-glasses, and eat your popcorn! (wearing 3d-glasses may not result in anything at all)

Oh, and there are plenty of parodies hidden in this film. Can you spot them all?


Many thanks to all the people who helped making this episode! After more then 5 months of developing and animating I stayed sane thanks to you!

Directed and Animated by: Niels Beekes
Voices by: Eddie Bowley (Eddache) and Alison Stark
Additional animation by: Arjan Dekker (jack-mace) and Sam Green (master-samus)
Additional design by: Pixelcake and Ginny Higerd

(more detailed credit list at the end of the film)



I can say for sure that this is the best flash pilot I've ever seen... And the longest! Although length in it self isn't a always a good thing, this time it defiently was, as it stayed entertaining all the way through! Great job, I REALLY hope you'll make more! And you can easily spot all the effort that's put into it, so don't think you may have wasted your time! ;D

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Oh dear God, make more! :D

This was, indeed, a very action-packed and humorous pilot episode, indeed. I also love Sarah; she's one badass spy, if you ask me. But the reason why I gave you a 9/10 for this flash is because some of the music, namely the intro music, seems to stutter from time to time (though it's only for a second or so). Also, I thought that the old man I just saw hating video games, but suddenly decides to tag along, seems a bit hypocritical of himself. But that's just me.

Still, I hope you make more of this series! And if you happen to know Alison Stark, give her my regards, alright? ;D

Keep it up! :D


Very nice cant wait for more


dumb heros luck, Loved it, felt like i was watching a cartoon. or something generally produced by cartoon network WHEN THEY WERE STILL GOOD!


this was amazing. you defenatly need to make more, voice acting was funny, E.R.I.C was hillarious, plot idea was original and funny, the old man was funny, the chief was a clever idea, the shoop-da-whoop pen was a nice little bit of humor. all in all amazing,wonderful and truly hillarious. 10/10 and 5/5

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4.31 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2010
8:57 AM EDT
Comedy - Original