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The New Suited (pilot)

rated 4.31 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Jul 25, 2010 | 8:57 AM EDT

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Author Comments

EDIT (August 16 2011) Suited just one the "Best Animation" award in Hollywood (Los Angeles) at the ITVfest 2011!

It's the New Suited!

This film was fully made in flash, so no 3D, no After Effects, etc. So sit back, put on your 3D-glasses, and eat your popcorn! (wearing 3d-glasses may not result in anything at all)

Oh, and there are plenty of parodies hidden in this film. Can you spot them all?


Many thanks to all the people who helped making this episode! After more then 5 months of developing and animating I stayed sane thanks to you!

Directed and Animated by: Niels Beekes
Voices by: Eddie Bowley (Eddache) and Alison Stark
Additional animation by: Arjan Dekker (jack-mace) and Sam Green (master-samus)
Additional design by: Pixelcake and Ginny Higerd

(more detailed credit list at the end of the film)



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Impressive, but dragged down by cliches

Wow I haven't used this account in a long time.

First of all , and I said this already, great job on getting this episode produced. I know from having talked to you and seeing the final product that great dedication, effort and time management went into it. There were quite some original findings and clever surprises in it. I liked the story structure of Suited being in the video game world, the recurring characters such as the old grandpa and his cat and jokes such as the elven suit. Sure, a lot of these things have been done before but I think you mix it with new elements nicely (for a modern video game playing audience). Also, thumbs up for the well directed voice acting.

The quality of the animation is sufficient and just works very well.

What's bugging me is that these are done before characters. The goofy agent is an archetype that has been done to death. (Gadget, Clouseau, Austin Powers, Get Smart, Johnny English, you get the picture). The whole spy thing is also very tiring. Why shows like Spongebob, Ren and Stimpy, Foster's home of Imaginary friends work so well is because of the complete loonyness and farfetchedness of the characters. They are multilayered and original creations. Suited, Sarah, the watch and the "boss" (the moustached speaker thing) are very much stereotypical. I did like that you used a nerd as a villain, and that he remained nerdy even though he was all powerfull.

Also some internet-meme/videogame references were a bit overboard. But references are a common thing in animated shows, so that's just a matter of personal taste.

So all in all there are very good points and some very bad points. You have shown to be more than capable of producing and animating a full episode. Judging from the difference between the first and the last Suited , it's evident that you've learned a lot and that you will only get better at it from here on. Take criticisms well and improve.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Seems like perfect material for a TV show.

Awesome, can't wait to see more! :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This One Is Need To Be TV Show!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


i thought it was good job of making it


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Am satisfied...

first off
the animation is smooth
voice acting - perfect
characterization umm.....fantastic?

Well I had to admit this is pretty polished for a flash movie.
An authentic tv cartoon, I might say. Those that I enjoy when I was a child on a weekend morning.
The humor is light, you can work on that a little but I have no complaints.
You just need to work on your story telling, it's a bit slow.

But I really enjoyed watching this to the fullest
you've made the little kid inside of me happy and satisfied.

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