A.E. Chronics Epis: 2

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This took just as long as WHOOKOS Episode 2, but still well worth it.


Awsome but.....

why is it under M it isnt that bad

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Simply, I am at a loss for words, this is an intensely dramatic series, and it shows that you can pertray drama, emotion, and a feeling of helplessness, chaos, and a dead world, in addition to light, fluffy humour and such.

I think that describes the epicness of this series/episode very well.

Also, the beanbag monsters kinda remind me of RE4, just sayin' that they're almost as vreepy, the breathing sounds are all thats missing, then they'd probably give me nightmares...

Since this review is dragging on, I'll just end it here, keep up the good work.



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almost made me shit myself

definitely an improvement from the first episode.

first off, the art is much better. there's more details and generally a better atmosphere is created through wreckage. the technical aspects of the graphics could use a lot of tweaking but for me they're good enough as it is.
but it is still definitely lacking. again, i rate this highly because it's a sci-fi/horror anime-ish work. my main gripe with it is that the story is too awkwardly placed. the characters sort of just appear when it's time to appear, without build-up or a clever transition. BB split up with Scoot for some reason, and it doesn't really make much sense. then Scoot goes all dramatic suddenly, and still the characters don't seem to be really scared to me.
the part with the other two characters were much better, from both a graphical and storywise viewpoint, and it's the reason why this episode gets a 7.
i'm still interested in what this series has in store for us though, so make sure you guys have a hell of a good script next time.

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Scary, interesting and ... meh

First of all...this was better quality than i expected and yet at the same time it was also a bit of a let-down.

I'll elaborate. First of all, animation. The beginning sequence just surprised me, as in the rolling down of the hallway, I did not expect such a detailed beginning. But after that the animation got sort of average, and that's probably because I suspected you a mix of a 3D and 2D look. Personally, I didn't have a problem with the 3D look in the start scene but I think in order to make the animation look more appealing, or balanced, have more combos of 3D scenes as opposed to just what seemed as one. I would like it too if there was more detail in your backgrounds and animation, particularly with the colour scheme. Of course this may not be the animation style you are after. On another note, the animation was a bit choppy in most parts of this flash, it would be nicer if the animation was a lot smoother.

Sound and background music was good, it really worked well with the story and the animation. I'd be interested to see if you can see anything you can improve with it, because I can't.

With the story-line; well I'll be honest I don't usually watch things in the horror/sci-fi genre. Perhaps because of this is why I'd rate your flash so highly, because it did make me jump in my seat a bit as I was watching some of it, particularly when the monsters attacked (the monsters reminded me of the twilight creature in your LOZ: UO) But even for me, the story-line got predictable, I understand it's difficult to really achieve pure originality but I still think there's a lot more you could do with the story plot. With the story-line itself, it is interesting and answers some of the questions that were with me in the last episode. I believe you have the right amount of suspense and mystery in the story-line, it just needs more substance, it kind of feels shallow at this stage. The characters, especially, though the voice acting was at a good standard, they just feel like 2D puppets or something, as though there was not much to them. Just a thought.

Overall, A.E Chronics Epis. 2 was a good sequel, somewhat better than expected, but it certainly could have delivered a bit more.

Otherwise a good job, I wait for the release of the next episode.

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Jul 25, 2010
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