WHOOKOS Beta: Epis 2

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Well this one took a while despite it being a minute shorter than the previous episode. Summer time is vacation time, so a lot got in the way of making this episode. Plus I'm animating A.E. Chronics at the same time. Anyway, no real story here still, but enjoy!

Note: Special thanks to Less Than Jake's, Vinnie Foriello, for permission to use their music! Gotta love Ska.


Extremely enjoyable, as last time....

I wish I could subscribe to artists on NG so I would have known this came out last week... This show reflects some of the experiences I've had with friends in the past years and reminds me of a few good anime and cartoon series of seen before. It's always a fun experience to watch these, and while the humor may be seen as simple, that just makes it all the more enjoyable to actually watch with friends. As animators have to put a lot of work into an animation to even get 10 seconds of runtime, I really don't mind the similarities between the male characters in appearance and personality. I hope to see the next installment of my favorite NG comedy series very soon.


i need more!!! for gods sake make more this is fucking halarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Not very good

Compared to your other work this is really bad. The characters designs are too simplistic. With that type of design you can hardly display emotion besides over-the-top facial expressions. The animation is minimal. The voice acting is ok but the quality was really bad.

I didn't find it very funny either.

Basically, you can only get away with a poorly drawn and animated cartoon if it's funny and has good sound. This is not funny, and doesn't have high quality sounds.

Go back to Zelda: UO. Those animations would look better in a portfolio not these.

Not funny

I don't know where to begin...
The voice acting was god awful with harley any effort put into the voice's but then again I don't expect you to have the metal gear solid voice cast but still...
Bottom line toilet jokes are just lame and are not funny to anyone except people who are mentally challenged and deranged. Also the art style is decent but it would appear like you try to cut corners, but i would recommend more shading and more detail gone into expressions, instead of recycling the same emotions and expressions.

I think this series can work but only if you're prepared to put some effort into it, AKA shade you're animations and stop using gradients, come up with some actual humour not just spamming toilet jokes, tell you're friends to up there game in terms of voice acting and finally don't cut corners when animating, I used to do the same thing and the movie ends up turning out (animation wise) rough and choppy.
Good luck.


Moral of the story. never leave Rat and Swffer alone with a toilet.

Awsome job guys. Well worth the wait.

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3.75 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2010
6:00 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 4th Place July 26, 2010