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just alittle something me and my friend thought of, made it in a day nothin special but it's still funny!


Interesting butToo Short

I liked the laughing mad tramp stealing the flowers at the end, but I thought this story was too short, it needed more jokes and more absurd situations.
Still, not a bad effort, and I look forward to seeing more from you guys.

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mecagir responds:

thanks I'm glad you appreciated it but these things are sorta like seth mcfarlanes cavlcade of cartoon comedy (yeah i'm a rip off) so they will be basically short. but if you want to see some longer animations with more absurd situations check out demon time and jacob s.t.a.b. they're both longer


haha had fun, it was funny, guess only for people with select humor but it passed so haha in ur faces xD who cares about the quality. Cuz the idea was great for example.

Super mario 64, Final Fantasy VII, those had just terrible graphics but guess what, they are still fun as hell. You know why? great ideas. So all of you who voted low due to art then shame on you faggots :D

nothing special and not funny

sorry, but its just not funny, and the animation is primitive, nuff said

mecagir responds:

next one will be better, nuff said

Hey not bad for a days work.

Don't know why, but I really enjoyed this. For a days worth of work, it was actually quite good. Pretty good voice snychronization, and characters were decently drawn. I'd like to see what you could come up with had you put a little more time into it.

mecagir responds:

thanks for the comment if you want to see animations with more length effort and humor check out demon time and jacob s.t.a.b. they're both series I make but yeah this series is just tiny little ideas made for shits and giggles

Very Short

Somewhat amusing, like the style of the characters. Just wished it was a little longer, or several shorts put together. Keep it up.


mecagir responds:

thanks I'm glad you like my style you should look at my other flashes they are longer and funier just look for demon time and jacob s.t.a.b. im promoting the hell outa them lol

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2.86 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2010
3:21 AM EDT
Comedy - Original