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I'll have the...

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Little Cartoon i made in a few days, took a lot of work, but hell, its done. Take it.

This whole animation is like one big test, i watched JAZZA STUDIO'S tutorials and i learned a lot about tweening lip syncing and layer organization that really helped. And this flash is an example of those, so yeah!

P.S. psssst, easter eggs are on the menu! GET IT?? HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA

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The easter eggs.

They made it for me, number 2 was hilarious. KIRBOFER ISNT THAT HORRIBLE! Hahaha genius. You got some real talent when it comes to writing. Keep it up.


It lagged quite alot.I think it's abug...well,i dunno.But good concept! :)

quitestupid responds:

ill try to fix it! thanks!


it wasn't to bad. but if you want someone to read the text at the end you have to show it longer.


Its not funny its just boring.

quitestupid responds:

ok how can i improve? i dont know what you people want unless you tell me

I like the idea but

you should have made the raaaa better, like had it be louder or more over the top.