Adrellia Village #13

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Adrellia Village: Season 1, Episode 13:
Audience with the King
7/24/10 - Audience with the King
Runtime: 1:37
You MUST watch the previous episodes before watching this one.
Brutus gives a monologue. Also, the king gives Drake and the party a special thanks.

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Christ, more filler.

I'm not sure I can take much more of this - the substandard voice acting, where everyone sounds the same, but just subtly different. The plot being exposed through characters talking to themselves. Eluding to an Oubliette, which is a form of dungeon, only accessible through a hatch high in the ceiling - why don't you just use the word "dungeon"?!

I know that this sort of thing needs to be done, to add some sort of continuity to the piece and give you the foundations for the next episode, but if you're going to have a monologue, perhaps have it read by a narrator. This can either be a third person (someone completely neutral to the plot; an additional character, for example) or be in the first person (since it's Drake's story, why not have him tell it?), because then the voices wouldn't be such a problem. You could have had Brutus dispatching the assassin personally, or getting a secretary to do it for him and saved a lot of issue there, for example. Sort the writing out and the rest of this would fall into place, for the most part.

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MistyEntertainment responds:

Thank you for your review! This will be taken into considerationn.

Another short episode. Brutus plans to get rid of Drake once and for all, just like every good (or is it "bad" in this case?) villain would do.

I noticed that Darrell looks awfully like Brutus. So I guess you have to work on your character design a bit more, so the characters can be distinguished more easily from each other.

Now let's just hope that Drake can find the missing citizens in Trellutor!

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MistyEntertainment responds:

Yep, character designs are a new priority for me! Thanks for your review :)

I see this one improves quite a bit and Brutus tries even more to get his plans rolling to remove Drake from the picture forever so he can rule the land. Animation hasn't changed much although I did notice one thing that could use a bit of changing. When the king is speaking I see he moves up a couple of pixels and to the right a bit when speaking, possibly an error in animating since everything else went just fine.

Nice to hear some Kingdom Hearts music at the end of this one too when it began to show Mist and letting the viewer know it is where Drake needs to go if you wishes to stop Brutus from ruling the land and taking over. Smooth transitions too, excellent work there.

Overall, the plot thickens!!

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MistyEntertainment responds:

Thanks for your review!

lol, biter

you need to figure out your own charactor customization, this is exactly the same charactor design as Cyanide & Happiness...

Animation/Voice Acting Needs Work

Well, I have to say that I wasn't really convinced into giving this a high score. It's colorful and the sound isn't too bad, but the script is bad and the sync between word/mouth is annoying, more or less. I couldn't stop staring at the lips moving in a loop to words that forced the story onto the viewers, and it rather irritated me. Some of the characters look like Cyanide&Happiness take-offs, just taller. Overall, this just wasn't enjoyable to watch for me. But I'm not heartless, so I'm not going to take away too many points.

Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2010
8:22 PM EDT
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