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Billy Mays The Birth

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"Where did Billy Mays gain his extraoridinary selling powers? Were they innate or bestowed upon him? These questions have never been fully understood until now. Dr. Zipporah Gishom, Billy's doctor, takes us on a journey through Billy's humble beginnings. Part one of a three part saga, we must first learn where Billy came from in order to understand why he was the giant of infomercials."

HOLY CRAP! FRONT PAGE!!! I can't even believe it. Honestly newgrounds, the support for this one has been tremendous and I am very thankful for that. Thanks to all of you for the positive(and negative) reviews! Honestly we appreciate the criticism as much as the praise as it helps us get better. Thanks again Newgrounds!

First off, I would like to thank liljim for the help in getting this cartoon posted. This is my very first cartoon that I have made using a pen tablet, and I feel like it has made a substantial difference in quality, although there are still many things I feel need to be improved upon. The back story behind this submission, is that last year roughly four or five months before Billy's death, we started writing a tall tale about his life. But obviously long before the cartoon could be completed, he passed on. So in memoriam, we have created a Paul Bunyon esque story to capture the essense of Billy's life. Thanks for watching.

I have also been advised to include a more detailed listing of the music I have used, so here it is. These songs were not created in any way by Frightened Children Productions. I wanted to be sure full credit goes to the artists that made this music.
"Peter and the Wolf"-London Symphony Orchestra
"Songs from the Wood"-Jethro Tull
"Sorrow"-Lisa Gerrard
"Coming on Strong"-Brenda Lee
"Arpeggios from Hell"-Yngwie Malmsteen
"Progeny"-Yvonne S. Moriarty

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Brings me back to the old days. I miss you billy!


mays would be proud




oxyclean's gonna be in the sequel? WAHOOO

nasty, but sweet... I think.

its a very intresting story

i like this because some of this is very funny. when he tried to elbow drop a bear. and when dio randomly gave him some cleaning product. i cant wait for the rest :D


i never knew billy mays elbow dropped bears! and fuck yeah ronnie james dio!!!!!!!!

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3.69 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2010
4:28 PM EDT