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Inside a dead skyscraper

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Author Comments

Controls: arrow keys and space.

Hey kids, this is an experiment, take it as it is.

The song is from the album "Target Museum" Specific Recordings - 2010
Buy the vinyl and or mp3:
http://jts3k.com/site2/co ntent/jesse-stiles-target -museum

What if the term "music video game" didn't evoke images of bored college kids fiddling with pathetic plastic guitars emulating the last icons of a declining music industry?

What if indie game developers allied with indie musicians, making odd games promoting odd and unknown music while still keeping their creative autonomy the way the best music-video directors have been doing for decades?

What if a song (not its beats, not its spectrum, not its amplitude!) was dictating the content of a game and not the other way around?

These are the convoluted questions that the convoluted not-game/interactive-musi c-video "Inside a dead skyscraper" is trying to answer!

Is there a way to win or to lose?
Not really.

What's the game really about?
The game and the song are based on Jesse's brief tenure as a videographer in the partially destroyed buildings surrounding the World Trade Center site


We will build something too great to destroy.

America is going downhill because of the crap we are spitting out at the public through media, and at the tons of money we are spitting out to people who dont need it. The Iraqis win unless we build something better. A 60 story geo building where two great towers once stood is complete bullshit. Take it down, take it down, take it down to the ground, and build the clone towers.


Just amazing how it was so simple, yet able to deliver such a message. I really liked the music and the movement; it gave the game a sort of surreal, dream-like feel to it.

And also, is it just me, or was this game rather relaxing? It might just be because of the music.

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I actually laughed, that makes me evil, right?

One minute everything is serious, and I'm a hazmat guy with an odd little geiger counter or something, and here's where I thought I was supposed to look around a building and find stuff and stuff. So I go towards the only direction, hopeful that this game is going to be awesome, and I find a huge hole in the wall. Kinda looked like it was made from an explosion. I got closer, to examine it, trying to understand what was going on, and suddenly... I'M SWIMMING THROUGH THE AIR LIKE A POTHEAD WITH SUPERPOWERS WITH A FLASHING GADGET WITH TRIPPY SYNTH MUSIC PLAYING, ALL LIKE, "WHEEEEEE, HAHAHA! WHEEEEE!"... I LOL'd there. You caught me off-guard, and that moment was probably one of the randomer moments of my life. I come to find out that for some reason, people are all standing still, and I can read their minds with this doohicky thingamajig, and for some reason I'm in the exact moment when that first plane smashed into the WTC. Even randomer, and the music wasn't helping. I actually thought it was pretty funny until I figured out I was in 9/11. Being anything but serious in that field makes me a douche, so it pretty much killed the lulz. Then I figured out it wasn't the strangest game on this site, but instead an interactive music video. That's kinda cool, I guess. Good idea, I suppose. I'll admit, though, I don't think it was worth my time. I think it would have been better if the setting wasn't 9/11, but just a city, and everyone could get a good laugh out of the randomosity, but then you'd have some deeper meaning to it, but all you'd have to do was look around to find it, and everyone went from laughing to thinking. That would be cool. That would be awesome. But, that would ruin the point of the song that this game was made after. 9/11 is a touchy subject, and here you are making a game of it. Good song, cool setup, but... Not that... What? I dunno. Is it lacking something, or does it have something it shouldn't? I think both. I think it was still creative, though, in a sense. Great, but not that great. I couldn't tell if you were trying to be serious, random, trippy, or creative here. I think maybe of those, but they don't really mix. Maybe that was the problem here, I don't know. (Yay, stupidly long reviews!)


Wow...... thats just about all i have to say for this! I didn't know what to expect when i started this game and it went all full screen on me, but then when i started playing it was just amazing. I liked the song and felt like it went along with the game very well! I Agree that there could have been more then one objective but thats alright, it was still amazing!!!

great work

an amazing game, it was well made and got important points across. you should make another.

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Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2010
1:15 PM EDT
Action - Other
  • Daily 4th Place July 25, 2010

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