Inside a dead skyscraper

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Controls: arrow keys and space.

Hey kids, this is an experiment, take it as it is.

The song is from the album "Target Museum" Specific Recordings - 2010
Buy the vinyl and or mp3:
http://jts3k.com/site2/co ntent/jesse-stiles-target -museum

What if the term "music video game" didn't evoke images of bored college kids fiddling with pathetic plastic guitars emulating the last icons of a declining music industry?

What if indie game developers allied with indie musicians, making odd games promoting odd and unknown music while still keeping their creative autonomy the way the best music-video directors have been doing for decades?

What if a song (not its beats, not its spectrum, not its amplitude!) was dictating the content of a game and not the other way around?

These are the convoluted questions that the convoluted not-game/interactive-musi c-video "Inside a dead skyscraper" is trying to answer!

Is there a way to win or to lose?
Not really.

What's the game really about?
The game and the song are based on Jesse's brief tenure as a videographer in the partially destroyed buildings surrounding the World Trade Center site


Really odd

But... you really get a great feeling of freedom and yet a small amount (Or big amount) of horror, whene you see that the game has a part of the 9/11

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A good start

But if you're going to make a flash about 9/11, it should be much more in depth. You had a real opportunity to convey a number of messages, and to effect people on a spectrum of levels in a very deep and meaningful way.
I took little from this game, but I do sincerely hope others took something meaningful from it, unlike I. However, I respect your courageousness to attempt to make a game of such caliber.

Your ideas of a song dictating game content is unique and very interesting, although I didn't see that in this game other than the game ending when the music did.

In general, this game had a lot of potential and a lot of opportunity to grow and convey a very strong message, whatever that may have been. It did not, however, though I applaud you for the attempt.

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I respect this concept - Good execution

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Don't really get it

As far as I can tell, this game is an attempt to create something new. Something different. And it does this very well.

The music, from what I can tell in the description, is the corner stone of the game. It adds a feeling of freedom and serenity. It's well chosen for the setting

The too animation is very well done. Smooth as silk. Unfortunately these are the only good things I have to say about this game.

The gameplay is simple, yet at the same time there is a great deal of freedom. However there is really nothing to do but float around. There is nothing to work for, or anything worth looking at or interacting with. After the aesthetic wears off the game gets very dull.

The graphics are basic and don't really add anything. The combination of basic shapes and lifeless NPC, create a very boring atmosphere.

To summarise, while I respect that this is just a test, I will review this fairly based on my experience.
Though the fact that you state this as being "an experiment", make me hopeful that what you take away and change about this design will lead to a game worth playing, unlike this one.

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bad music

I get the message but that music is horrible.

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4.05 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2010
1:15 PM EDT
Action - Other
  • Daily 4th Place July 25, 2010

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