Saigo No Shigoto

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Saigo No Shigoto <=> "The Final Task" in japanese.

: - *Inspired by newground's infamous "The Final Task" submitted exactly one decade ago. No plot, no punch line, no story, just done for the fun of animating. Hope you enjoy.*

Venom:- "maro dekiagari, Ninja?"

Ryu Hayabusa:- "hai."

*Update 28.07.10*.... HOME PAGE!....... this is great. havent had one of those in a year. sure is an honour to be back. thanks guys.

OH.... and TOM, if ur seeing this, i already thanked u in the credits.



wow so cool awsome ah i vote 1st place so cool

Pretty fuckin' Badass!

Radcliffe, it's safe to say that you did that Newgrounds classic justice, unlike most fan flash which usually turn out to suck dick. I remember seeing the original several times through the years, and unlike some older flash (I'm looking at you Arrogancy); it managed to still remain good throughout the years. With that out of the way, on with the review...

In terms of graphics, the characters are beautifully drawn and were animated with skills that few on here have; and I heard that you drawn this with a mouse, which makes this even more of an achievement for you. Not to mention that you put gradients to good use along with regular shading. Plus, I like how you used both Flash MX and Flash 8 for this; I think that many people on here should consider using older versions of Flash while using the newer versions for special effects. Mainly because using older versions makes people less likely to splurge on the Flash 8+ filters. Other than that, I liked what you had in that department. The sound was pretty much well-done, with fitting music and sound effects, which can make or break a flash. Then there's the content, the fighting and the mood were excellent and put many story-driven flash series to shame.

What I do like:
-Excellent art and animation
-Good usage of gradients and the Flash 8 filters were used with discretion. (I think Jazza and Alvin Earthworm could learn something from you.)
-Excellent fighting and mood
-Great music selection
-Does the original justice

What I don't like:
-The fact that snobbish pricks will trash this for being a tribute.

Overall: How would you like a ten for this?

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XtremelyVenomous responds:

Venom:- "how would i like a 10 for this? .... HOW WOULD I LIKE A TEN FOR THIS? ..... a ten is always acceptable. but a 10 + these words from you, buddy. makes me wanna hand my symbiote to you......................... temporarily ofcourse."


This is brutal, brilliant execution!!!.


this was sweet, the scythe dude got it bad...

I remeber rating this in the flash portral

congrats on the front page man, you deserve it.

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4.33 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2010
3:48 AM EDT