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Jul 23, 2010 | 10:09 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is version 1.0.2 if you have any things you would like me to add in version 1.0.3 please just put it in your review.

Hope you have fun!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good start

I like the idea behind this, but it doesn't keep score or give additional tiles if you can't make a word and so forth. I always thought that the goal of scrabble was to spell words until you ran out of letters like a giant crossword.

It really fell off the rails for me when you clicked the random button and the letters that had gone down on the board scrambled as well. With that, you can't even see what you'd spelled before and it really is a more simple idea to head down to the local toy shop and purchase a copy of scrabble yourself.

Still, don't let that dishearten you, as there is a gap in the market for things like this and the development of a good scrabble game would work really well. Give us a scoring system and teach a CPU the rules, so that you can play against up to 3 more players, finally hopefully getting various difficulty settings for the CPU players.

On top of that, you could program the board (google images can help if you don't know what each square is worth) as you already have the values for Western Scrabble, since certain languages have different values, as various letters occur more prominently in certain languages (That might be getting a little advanced for now, since you're dealing with English, but English (UK) and English (US) can be very varied languages.)

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up-a-notch responds:

thanks for the review


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Quite bland

I've always enjoyed scrabble, and I can appreciate this game, but it just seems a bit too simple for me.

The graphics were very simple, and okay. The board looked just fine, and the overall feel to it was very fitting. Except for the fact that everything was a bit simple, especially the random buttons and player names.

What annoyed me the most was that the letters didn't snap to their squares. That little thing could've improved a lot. I liked the addition of the dictionary, especially seeing as English is my second language, I'd need something like that. Would've been great if you could somehow have a score counter on the screen as well, because it could easily become tedious to have to count points, especially when you're not too familiar with the points system.

About that, you might also want to add rules/help/instructions so people can find out how to play, if they don't already know.

Audio was really dull. Could use some SFX when letters snapped to their boxes, if you added that, or some rustling sounds when you got new letters. The music has to go. Replace it with three songs, so the player can decide. Nothing techno or trance to a game like this. Think orchestral, or ambient.

With some adjustments, this could easily be a very good and very fun game.

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up-a-notch responds:

thanks for your advice


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Great idea!

I think this was a great idea that just wasn't put to it's full potential. I'll not go into much detail like I do sometimes as I feel it's been stated already in the review below me, but I will give you my general thought of the submission as a whole.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The graphics and everything were good enough for what you were doing. I don't really see how you could improve on them more except for the Player 1, Player 2, More Tiles, and Random buttons. They could have been made a little bit more fancier as the were very simple, but other than that everything basically get's the job done.

~ Story/Content ~

I love the game of Scrabble, but one thing that I'm terrible at is actually knowing if something is a real word or not. Therefor a dictionary is needed and you had one, so great job with thinking about that! (Even though I do enjoy the computer versions that tell you when something is right and something is wrong instead of having to look it up yourself)

Anyway, looks like you just have the basic drag commands here. I think it would be cool if you could have the pieces lock into place instead of being able to be off by a little bit. I don't know how complex the random tile buttons were, but I wouldn't mind having the score be kept on the screen and things such as that as well.

Anyway, if someone wanted to play against one of their buddies the old fashion way without the board then this would be great. I don't see people coming back to do that though because there are so many versions online that do things automatically for you and are just better well done.

~ Audio ~

I think that the song wasn't the best fit for the submission. Perhaps implement a music player of some sort where they can choose from several songs of their liking, but for sure I would add something more ambient and relaxing if you were to ever revisit this again.

~ Overall ~

This is like the board game, but with other versions having automatic systems this isn't really necessary or fun to play. This does make me want to play scrabble though so I'm going to go look for something to play now. :P

~ Review Request Club ~

up-a-notch responds:

the reason i made this is that when i looked online for scrabble there was no real "free" version without a sign up or anything


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I thought I'd try reviewing some of your flashes and see if it works. As usual, I'm sorry to say that there's a lot to be improved.

I assume it'd be fair to start by saying that there is no reason why you would play this when there's the board game. The board game is far more convenient, but this one forces two players to share a mouse. I wish that was the only problem though.

I'll start with the gameplay. This won't be easy because I'm barely familiar with Scrabble. For one, preventing players from starting without vowels isn't included in your game. If you are to literally make the cyber version of Scrabble without anything different, you might as well stick with the rules. Secondly, there is no scoring. You'd have to write the scores on paper, which is pointless as computer games like these are supposed to save you from bothering with a pencil and a paper. Third, the letters don't snatch to the grids. It's not a major problem, it just looks ugly and it's inconvenient.

Moving on to the design, the background is alright but the color of the text just doesn't match it. Especially the muting buttons are illegible due to the similar colors of the text and the background. Designing text with a different color in each letter is, by the way, as original as a cone of vanilla ice cream. Likewise, the text is really bland. If you have Flash 8 and up (I know you didn't make this in Photoshop), try assigning filters to the text. As long as you don't overdo it, it makes text looks much more attractive. The same thing applies to the game board, by the way.

The dictionary is well thought, I'll give you that. However, if you can somehow make it open in a tab WITHOUT skipping to that tab, you'd take an important step.

The music choice is OK, but it gets repetitive after a while. Furthermore, somehow, I think there are much more suitable songs for this out there. Maybe something more peaceful and calming.

In conclusion, I don't think there is any way that two people would enjoy playing this. Offline multiplayer flash games that can be played only with two people are rarely played, most people would prefer playing this alone for a few minutes before getting bored. Most importantly, there is no reason to play this when there is the REAL version.

Out of a score of 10, I took off:
-3 for the gameplay fallacies
-1 for the blandness
-1 for the music choice.

5/10 is the result, the vote result being 3/5. Frankly I feel like I've gone a bit easy on you, but it's probably because I can feel your potential. I won't be this kind next time. As I always warn you, don't jeopardize your flashes (or any kind of work for that matter) by rushing them. Keep working and improving. It'll take some time, but your hard work will pay off.

Best wishes.
~Review Request Club

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up-a-notch responds:

well it's better then nothing...


Rated 4 / 5 stars

good idea

really good just needs ploishing

up-a-notch responds:

ok thanks