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Judas bread attack!

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Too fast

Well, the concept is interesting and the introduction to the game spoken by Fro is a good idea as well.
I like how the points are explained before the game starts.

The only problem with this game is, that it is too fast to play it. Jesus is gone in a fraction of a second so it is nearly impossible to hit him. The only way to hit him is by sheer luck.

So yeah, planning and concept is good, but the excecution of this idea is flawed. :P

{ Review Request Club }

MonoFlauta responds:

hahah welll... the idea at least was good :P

Impossible to play...

Where do I start...
I like the concept blasphemy is always fun, but the game itself is... Atrocious

The graphics are really poorly done and out of place, the gameplay itself is damn infuriating (especially when your hits aren't registering).
The sound bytes that looped were annoying...

Like I said I like the concept, but the execution on this project was deeply flawed.

In the future should you create another game similar to this, please slow down the speed of the jesus, and make the sound effects only occur when the user hits a target, lastly perhaps you should include a skip tutorial button.

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

MonoFlauta responds:

Wiii i love blasphemy hahahha, yes its bad in art, programming, music a bit, but well, it was an small game we made with fro in 2 days,
anyway, thanks for the review :)

Far too fast

Dear god man, what kind of god like reflexes do you think the average human being has? The way that he moved, you were clicking way after he'd left that area and my brain barely had time to register where he was, let alone click in the space, even if I staked out an area, like the starting block.

What I'd suggest as a fix is to move to a space, stay for between half and three seconds, then move on. If you hit him, move him elsewhere, but this game is ridiculously hard to score any points on at all.

The background art is a good idea, so why not try to age the animation to fit, as opposed to the rest of it sticking out like a sore thumb? A tracing job on the background would assist in blending in a little better, if you feel that would help.

[Review Request Club]

MonoFlauta responds:

Haha, there is an easy way to win points, you shouldnt run everywere, you just stay in a place and with the reaction time an human has, you will be able to hit it, dont worry :P

Thanks for the review

Needs improvement

-I came to this fully expecting it to be a lot better than it actually was. While you did put a little backstory into it and it's a good little parody of the last supper it just doesn't deliver in actual gameplay.

-Jesus is drawn well enough that I can decipher who he is rather easily and his facial expression was pretty funny to me. He moves entirely too fast for me to be able to hit him effectively without memorizing his pattern(if it isn't random).

-Overall it's just an okay game that could of been a lot better. Maybe slowing Jesus down just a little so you could incorporate an animation for the throwing of the bread. Wouldn't hurt to also include a title page.

-Review Request Club

MonoFlauta responds:

Yes, the parody its a good idea, but the game wasnt aweomse, it was just an small game we make with fro in two days :P

I have a lot of complaints about this one. :P

~ Animation/Graphics ~

I think the animation and graphics are good enough. Of course they could be better, but for a game like this you really don't need amazing graphics or anything like that. It would kind of be a waste in my opinion and it's a little funnier with the poorer drawings. I think the picture as the background looks funny as well. :P

~ Story/Content ~

Hmm, I've happened to take second place overall. If I would have hurried up I could have had the highest score ever, but it seems that you can't score more than 2,000 points in this game so I'll always be stuck at number 2.

So I have a lot of complaints about this one. Not really complaints, but more like things that I wish you would have added. THINGS THAT I TOLD YOU TO ADD TO MAKE IT BETTER AND YOU NEVER DID. So here they are..

1) Make it so the arm stays on the screen during the entire submission. When you mouse moves to the left the arm would move slightly to the left and the same with the right, etc...

2) When you throw the bread you need a throwing animation along with the bread being thrown. I think this is the biggest thing, but I put it at number two because you can't do it without the first part.

3) You need to slow it down a little. I know it's suppose to be hard and I can't complain since I've tied for the highest score, but you know people on this site. They really suck at games and they can't try more than once without being little crybabies.

4) Show how much bread is left by having a counter on the bottom of the screen. You could have a couple pictures of the bread to show how much you have and when you throw one then a picture would go away.

5) Have the time show up on the screen so people know how long they are taking and it's easier for them to figure out how fast they have to go to beat their highest score.

6) Have a counter off to the left that shows how many head shots they have, body shots, and how many misses. This will just keep it a lot more organized and it's another thing that will help people when they are trying to get a higher score.

Other - I recommend if we were every going to revisit the game again or another game of this type that we do all the small details that I listed above, but also make it a little more complex. For example, add levels that people can continue on if they score a certain amount of points. I think the other thing that could make it cool would be to add a store for people to buy more bread, bigger bread (better chance of hitting Jesus), and maybe something that allows them to slow the time down a little or stop time. (This one would be very expensive though)

~ Audio ~

The voices weren't that good, but in defense I really did rush them because you wanted the game done fast and I always have a hard time because I only have one voice. When I only have one voice it's very hard to do voices for two different characters in the same flash submission. :P

The song was also of poor quality, but it was nearly impossible to find a free song in the audio portal that was fitting for this game. I tried my best, but like I said it was very hard and it was the best thing that I could find.

~ Overall ~

This isn't spam by any means, but really isn't that good either. I feel that a lot of people don't get the jokes, but meh, you can't blame people for being stupid kids who can't be a simple game. :P

~ Review Request Club ~

MonoFlauta responds:

Just going to say something:
"This isn't spam by any means, but really isn't that good either. I feel that a lot of people don't get the jokes, but meh, you can't blame people for being stupid kids who can't be a simple game. :P"

I am agree lol

and with the corrections too :P
Thanks for the review, you know WE rushed making it haha

Credits & Info

2.69 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2010
6:27 PM EDT
  • Flash

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