Fire Truck 2

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The second version of the Fire Truck series, FireTruck2 bought to you by http://www.i6.com, You must race against time, to collect water and to save the buildings on fire. After every two level's you unlock 2 new truck.
The engine of the game was difficult to make, some of the physics are off and the truck is hard to move until you can upgrade to a better one.


physics fail

the weight of the water in the back of the starting truck alone makes it nearly impossible to do anything but wheelie over backwards.

playtest? yeah that would have improved this heaps.....


I have no complaint for it game not specified by kind

Frustration, your name is fire truck.

The fire truck is close to being completely uncontrollable, i read another review where the answer was "The 3rd truck is easier to control", so i tried to get the third truck. But the controls on the first truck are so horrible i can't see myself getting the 3rd truck without destroying my keyboard atleast 36 times.

I usually love these kinds of games, but this is more frustrating than it is fun.

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Firefighting on the Moon

Game concept and art are really ok, but physics sucks. I feel like i was trying to drive firetruck on some other planet where gravity is very low. Fix the physics, please.

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jonnyi6 responds:

When You Get The 3rd Truck Its Much Easier To Control, But Thanks For Your Veiws, If We Bring Out A Fire Truck 3 We WIll Be Sure To Fix This

could be a good time killer

It could be an interestin variation to the theme of driving a cargo without losing it, but the controls are erally too sensitive. Also, the "next" button at the end of the first level did not work for me (the other buttons, like "submit" worked. Could be a good time killer...

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2.27 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2010
4:00 AM EDT
Sports - Racing