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MMZ: Confrontation

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Well... My third submission here in NG ever... I hope you like it...

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Really Good animation, i liked it =)

Pretty good.

Could be better, though. I like the pace, and how you used some of the characters abilities, but others don't seem to fit too well. First of all, why was Harpuia the one who sneaked up on Zero from the shadows? That's not exactly his style, but Phantom could have pulled it off rather well. Also, all of Fefnir's shots are fireballs of some kind, so why did he have a blue energy shot? Oh well, doesn't really matter. Also, another thing about Fefnir is the fact that his style reflects more of a stationary long range power fighting style, moving rather slowly and relying on his ranged attacks, only using his grappling techniques up close when he has to, and that's just to get them far away again, so.... Why did he move quickly? Also, it was a bit one-sided, and I was kinda unclear as to who won. Great animation, though, you did good.


Haven't seen a MMZ flash here in awhile. Nice animation. Thought it was a little onsided, but it is your animation. Nice job. Everything looked good.

Very good

Good use of effects and sprites, maybe a little work on sound effects, but otherwise an excellent flash.

heyz :D

I wuved it braw, show me how to do the 3D hole focusin effect though >:{