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Epic War 4

rated 4.42 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Jul 22, 2010 | 4:43 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged July 28, 2010
  • Weekly Users' Choice July 28, 2010
  • Daily Feature July 23, 2010

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GhostBuster 5 Points Completed Phantom Ghost Stage
TrojanDestroyer 25 Points Destroy Trojan Army
AngelSlayer 50 Points AngelSlayer
GoblinAddicted 50 Points Defeat GoblinMadness Stage
GrindFest 50 Points Unlock All Upgrades
HaltTheBigBang 50 Points Defeat BigBang Stage
TrickLordBaal 50 Points TrickLordBaal
EpicHero 100 Points Clear All Epic Mode
MasterOfWar 100 Points Clear All Hard Mode

Author Comments

Epic War 4 features 5 unique heroes with unique combat ability. Battle through 12 stages with 3 different modes (normal, hard, epic), and 4 extra stages for additional challenges. Experiment with 5 levels of 20 different units and 12 unique spells, and fight your way through 4 epic bosses and surprising stages for hours in this epic defense game.

Game Control :
- left and right arrow to move camera stage
- a to select all, s to select all hero, d to select all units
- 1-6 hotkeys for spell
- qwertyuio hotkeys for units
- space bar to confirm units / spells placement
- p to pause
- go to option page at map to mute
- revenge waves can be found at hard and epic mode
- up and down arrow keys to move the turret
if you feel the game doesnt require skill, try hard and epic mode.

Update: medal bug should be soon updated.
ps: thanks for the frontpage , Tom .



Rated 5 / 5 stars




Rated 5 / 5 stars


Finally! I finished all the levels on epic, all of them. ALL 16 ON EPIC. gold might be useless.... but now i can horde. xD

YOU HAVE GOLD? give it now plz :3

nyu! you haz your own. and lots!

*snaps fingers, titans emerge*

oh. well in THAT case...


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I actually like this game alot more than the others 3 was ok but it didnt catch my attention as quickly as 4 has. 4 has the jump right into it no BS start up and start with decent units to start with however i think being able to chose who your hero is was a great part of 3 that wasnt in 4. also either i blew through the instructions too fast or something because i did not know i could upgrade the units untill about the 5th level. faster building mana than the slight boost you get with each purchase of the alter skill would be nice and the ability for your units to stay where you put them would also be nice especially with the epic dwarf. He likes to move without me knowing untill he is almost dead/ dying. Those are the main things off the top of my head right now so other than the things listed i loved the game and still play it! the big bang though still eludes me -.- apparently destroying it causes it to go off? or is it just able to destroy my castle from further away than other units?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

addicting game!

this game is very fun and creative, but i would recomend adding features such as a speed up button and a stay still order for units! it would be great to see in epic war 5!

Goblin Madness- the best ways to kill him are to use the meteor blast spell or the two titans celestial angel and sky dragon because they deal non elemental damage! but its alot easier to beat the stage by just fully upgrading all the fastest and most damage dealing units and clicking assault when the fight begins, because you will destroy the castle before the black goblin arrives!
Stop The Bigbang- this the easiest challenge, fully upgrade fast damage dealing units again but dont use titan because they take too long! when the fight starts click assault to get your units as close as possible to the bomb when it spawns and use "a" periodically to select them all and command them near the bomb so they dont stray off and attack other things. when you have a lot of units piled up on the bomb use the spell berserk and you will deal massive damage! you must destroy the bomb before it gets near your castle because when it dies, it destroys everything within a large radius! after getting its health down use shield right before it dies, to keep your units alive. if you didnt time it right, dont worry because when your units respawn, the enemy castle is easily destroyed!!!
Tyrant Lord Baal- this fight can take awhile! but its simple when you get the hang of it. the most important this is to get powerful melee units in close to baal and keep them alive to deal maximum damage! a few trick for getting them close without getting hit by his giant sword would be to get all of you units on one side of baal so he faces his own castle and sneak your units in behind his back. or you can use a few shield and timestop spells! once lord baal is dead put all of your units on assault and the enemy castle will be destroyed with ease!
?????? (GOLDEN ANGEL BOSS)- i dont have the patience for this fight, so i havent finished it yet! but i have almost finished (before getting bored) by using the celestial angel to attack at the same time as the boss and it stalls him while you can use your spells to damage to him! another idea that i havent tried yet is to just save up mana and send your units forward with a timestop spell or shield spell up and damage the golden angel a bit at a time. but that also takes awhile... either way you do it, GOOD LUCK!


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Rated 5 / 5 stars


VERY VERY fun. i do kinda wish that you wouldn't have to unlock the green, and that it would already just be there, available for upgrade. i also would like something like an "arena" where we could play matches and still get the full amount of gold.

i need help. in the AUTHOR COMMENTS, it says "up and down arrow keys to move the turret". what does this mean? is there a turret in the game? i don't understand

and also, how do i get more mana? i got a "SKILL" that said it costs 210 mana to cast but the max is only 200.