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Author Comments

Hey everyone. This is my first flash animation on here, I decided I would make it so more people could see my music. I will be posting music videos/animations one here for my music, maybe some parodies. All in all I hope you like this work I have made. It took me a while to do. Check out the song if you could too.

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neat idea

Well as it says in the description (you made it so more people would hear your music) the audio is obviously good, but the animation... meh. I'd rather listen to the music and have a picture in my head of what is going on then this xD no offence but animation might not be for you. Although you could hire someone to animate it for you.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

no, trust me I'm not bad at animation. here is the issue, a song is like a piece of art, so I can get it done in about an hour. While an animation is many frames of art, it can take up to well forever to get done. I have done some kool stuff with animation, I just can't stick with it. So when I want an animation done asap, so I can advertise my music, I did everything here as quick as possible

Wait until you see my next animation. You'll see...

Needs work.

The animation makes no sense, and the shots were poorly planned. Silhouette shots and characters are usually most powerful with themes of anonymity and mystery. The spiral and teleporting character has its roots in delirium and insanity. The music is weak when used in this flash, none of it is coherent and no message is conveyed, and worse still; nothing in this flash compliments another element.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

I guess that's what happens when you are at a loss of ideas and are in a hurry. lol
Maybe when I have more time on my shoulders I'll remake something that has to deal with the song, and is more fitting. This was just a poor attempt to try and get more views on the song.


I really liked the still. Work on your art some though.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

It is not my best art, and like said to Scnal was done for the music. Alot of shortcuts were made.

the music is okay

the animation isn't done too well, mainly the hair and eye animation, aswell as how the exact same object is used through most of the movie, but the grass looks nice

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

yeah... I mainly did this animation for the music. I wasn't going for quality, I just needed something presentable. Grass was done using tweens to save time, and as far as the eye animation, I don't see anything wrong with how it was done besides the bad graphics. lol. I kinda used alot of shortcuts on this guy.