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"Take flight through the world of animation"
Hello guys. It has been a couple of years since I submited anything. But this was one thing I just couldnt keep from you! Something I have been working on for the past couple of months. Something I have been wanting to do for many years, but back in the days I didnt posess the skill to do so.

It's a flight through all kinds of different animation styles.
No, it is not made just in flash. It combines my skills of flash, after effects, maya, 3d studio max and photoshop.

I really hope you enjoy this movie!
Please vote and review :)


...wee bit of honesty.

I've worked with all the programs you have listed.

I like how you meshed the transitions... but in reality - each form of animation you displayed lacked true detail - well of course the photo you took of the trees.

As a game modder, your 3D stuff could have been better. As an artist, your pencil/(wacom?) skills are a bit lacking.

But all in all, it was presented well - and in the real world, that's all that counts. But as a critic, I'm an asshole. Don't worry, you'll have a chance at revenge soon when I finish a similar cartoon.

Flash/Fireworks/Final Cut Studio/Logic/Maya - (for animation concepts only)
Great job and good luck!
-Nick D.

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Thanks man :) I appreciate this kind of review more then ppl who just say it's awesome. And it is true i am not a top class drawer or 3d modeler. I know how to do a lot of different stuff and i combined those things in a movie, which was the original concept. I'll work hard on becoming better at each individual aspect and im sure ill incorporate that in future work.


I'm just so stunned. That was richly beautiful, a real treat! The music was perfect, and the pacing of the whole thing was great! The only thing that disappointed me was how short it was. I was really enjoying it. My favorite part was seeing that forest(at the beggining) suddenly become 3D. Amazing.

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Show off

There are not many animations such as this one. I believe people try to hard to come up with something people would like than to come up with something they are proud of. So good job from one of the toughest critics you will ever know.


the graphics were great, and the animation was even better. I especially loved the Sun's animation, and outerspace. Im really impressed with this movie, and how it flowed from 2-D to 3-D and back, and i hope you submit more in the future.

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That was epic.

I think it was really good.
From a story-like kind of view, the build-up was extremely well executed, working from the most basic part of creation to the most complex.
The music fit the animation to a T, and it gave me chills when the score ramped up alongside the view from space.
I agree with ArkhainDevistat about the lens-flare, though. It seems like you intended for it to come from the flower, which was a nice touch that outlined the point of life growing.
But it obscured the detail of the scene and took focus away from the sprouting plants.

However, I still give you a ten, as it is as better than I had expected.

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4.34 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2010
2:36 PM EDT